Thursday, January 30, 2014

Evil of the Daleks animation

In the players below you can find the test animation for the Doctor Who stories Evil of the Daleks and The Tenth Planet from Qurios, the production company behind the animated episodes on the DVD release for The Ice Warriors (read the Blogtor Who review HERE).

Please Note:  The Evil of the Daleks animation was purely for a test - and not for an upcoming DVD release of the missing story. The Tenth Planet DVD would eventually feature animation from another company - read the review HERE. Thanks to Chris Chapman for the heads up and to Chris Chatterton for uploading!


Gavin Bollard said...

Wow, I love the "evil" animation. I really wish they got the chance to do the story.

Failing that, perhaps Big Finish could get them to animate some of their audio stories for release?

Andrew Dalpini said...

I really wish doctor who would invest in a company that makes animation look realistic. Whether it's through CGI like star wars or video game cut scene coding like final fantasy, I don't care. I just think they are settling with this company...