EXCLUSIVE: Artwork & notes from 11 Disc Collector's Soundtrack set [Part 11]

As announced last year, Silva Screen are releasing an incredible limited edition Doctor Who soundtrack boxset featuring eleven discs of music spanning every era of The Doctor. This magnificent collection, due for release very soon, comes presented in its very own TARDIS boxset and is a must for any fan of Doctor Who music through the years. Also included in the set are notes from classic Who composer Mark Ayres and notes from various composers through the years.

In this EXCLUSIVE series for Blogtor Who, Silva Screen are releasing these fascinating notes ahead of the boxset's release. Today sees Part ELEVEN which includes notes from composer Mark Ayres (which are abridged and will continue through this series). Also included are the front and back covers for The Eleventh Doctor disc included in the boxset (click on them for bigger versions. Many thanks to Silva Screen, visit their site HERE.

 The music and “special sounds” of Doctor Who and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop are the soundtrack to my life. I first encountered Radiophonic music in the early-1960s whilst standing in a drafty playground, pretending to be a tree to the sound of Jenyth Worsley, the Radiophonic Workshop and Music, Movement and Mime. In 1972 I became an avid Doctor Who viewer, having been told to tune in by Peter Purves (Blue Peter has nearly as much to answer for as Doctor Who!).

Many years later my career as a sound engineer at TVam came to a juddering halt due to a dust-up between Management and Union, and I decided to at last follow my music degree into a career in composition and production. To my eternal gratitude, Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner lent my demo cassette a sympathetic ear and commissioned me to compose the music for (appropriately) The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. The rest, as they say, is... well, you know.

Working on Doctor Who was the greatest gig in the galaxy. And subsequently I became the archivist of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and made it my mission to catalogue and preserve the music that had so inspired me as a youngster. And here it is - or, at least, some of it. It is a real pleasure to be able to compile this collection to honour the many  talented people, my mentors, colleagues and friends, who have created these sounds through 50 years of time-travelling adventure.

Abridged album notes from Mark Ayres [Part 11]
I do hope that these discs reflect the rich, inventive, and inspirational variety of sound and music that this one television series has explored in its 50 years, and look forward to much more in the years to come.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to those composers whose original work for Doctor Who is not featured on this collection. This is not for the lack of trying, but is for the lack of tapes. So, hats off to Norman Kay, Richard Rodney Bennett, Stanley Myers, Francis Chagrin, Raymond Jones, Charles Botterill, Humphrey Searle and Richard Hartley.


Thanks to Silva Screen