Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arthur Darvill talks Musical Who ep

Earlier this week, Blogtor caught up with the current cast of Once The Musical in London for a special performance and Q&A. In the video below you can see Arthur Darvill (Rory Pond) perform the OSCAR winning song Falling Slowly (with  Zrinka Cvitešić) and excerpts from a Q&A with the performers. During it, Blogtor asks Arthur about his thoughts on a musical episode of Doctor Who.

My thanks to Emrys Matthews for his camera work and assistance.


Paul Beard said...

Bloody hell he's a good singer

Anna said...

Quite right, too, Arthur. "Once More With Feeling" (the Buffy episode he references) was nigh-on perfect, and unless they'd found a *really good* composer/lyricist to write a Who musical (let's face it, as brilliant as Murray Gold is at scoring Who, his pop song efforts leave much to be desired), it'd be a mere patch on "OMWF".

Bonus question: who do you think *could* have written such a Whosical in lieu of Gold? (Do NOT even think of anyone with the surname'd be rubbish.) Whoever composed "Once" might be a good choice, although I'm basing that solely on "Falling Slowly", in which Arthur does himself proud. Being a gynormous Buffy fan, I'd love to hear a Whedon score, except he seems to be rather busy these days. (Damn you, Marvel!) And I'll wager he'd love to do it, too, were it not for the aforementioned busy...