Thursday, April 24, 2014

Peter Capaldi in new art film

From time traveller to art enthusiast. New Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi appears in new online film exploring Surrealism in art. Watch it in the player below.

Peter Capaldi, famed for The Thick of It, In the Loop and, most recently, as the Twelfth Doctor in the BBC Television series Doctor Who stars in a new online film exploring Surrealism in art.

In Unlock Art: Exploring the Surreal, Capaldi investigates how psychoanalysis and the unconscious mind shaped the Surrealist movement. The film examines the key players including Miro, Ernst and Dali and explores how the movement’s playful yet sometimes disturbing nature impacted contemporary culture and society; from art and theatre through to pop, humour and even politics.

This is the seventh Unlock Art film in the series of eight produced in collaboration between Tate and Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts which aims to unlock the big stories and ideas behind art. Other presenters in the series include indie rock band The Kills, author and broadcaster Dawn O’Porter, HBO Girls star Jemima Kirke and actor Alan Cumming.

Unlock Art aims to take viewers on a journey through various art movements and themes, from the history of the nude and humour in art, to Surrealism and Pop – offering the need-to-know facts, and making the arts more accessible to a wider audience.

Unlock Art is part of Le Méridien Hotel and Resorts’ ongoing commitment to provide a new perspective on the hotel experience through a curated approach to arts and culture.


Anonymous said...

He looks like he's wearing the Doctor's new outfit!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of Who fans are going to become art experts by the time all is said and done, given how many of these Capaldi has done over the years!

Persephone said...

Geeez! How about an advisory for this one?? PC was mentioning that the art film was notorious, and I only had time to think, "Wait, I think I remember this one and I don't want to see it again..." when -- AAhEEeeeeeee!!!! I'm a tad squeamish and am proud of myself for not upchucking on the keyboard.

TheDoctor said...

I'm beginning to think that Capaldi's Doctor outfit is really just his real day to day wear seeing how he wears basically almost the same clothes in a lot of interviews and videos like this way before he was cast as The Doctor. Not complaining, if it works, go with it.

Lisa Gates said...

Alex Kingston has done the same thing too over the years. :)