Frank Skinner on Who role: "I feel like a competition winner"

Comedian Frank Skinner has been chatting about his upcoming role in Doctor Who Series 8 during his Absolute Radio show yesterday - check out the full show in the player below (the relevant segment starts around the 17m mark).

Discussing his episode Skinner said, "I've to dress as a cheetah and there's some horse-riding," whilst adding it was a "humanoid cheetah". Readers should be reminded that he is a comedian and that the 1989 classic Survival also featured a cheetah on a horse (of sorts). Frank also talks more about how he feels like a "competition winner" and where he was when he got the role, amongst other things. The other hosts on the show are Emily Dean and Alun Cochrane.

Frank On Absolute Radio - 17 May 2014 by Frank Skinner on Mixcloud

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