Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flatline pics [UPDATE]

A recent video from BBC America has shown some behind~the~scenes footage from an upcoming episode of Doctor Who Series 8 (watch HERE). The BBC have confirmed that the episode in question is Flatline*. In the clip, The Doctor throws his sonic screwdriver to Clara. Collected here are some screengrabs of the video - click on them for bigger versions.

Check out a gallery of filming pics from Flatline HERE and check out some interesting plot points about the story HERE [WARNING: spoilers!].

6 seriously shocking surprises in Doctor Who

* This post originally suggested the episode was Mummy on the Orient Express. Thanks to the BBC and all those who helped rectify this error.


Gene Fender said...

The episode is Flatline. I doubt the Orient Express would find itself in the tube - ha ha!

Cameron McEwan said...

Yup,it's a possibility Gene. I've asked the BBC for confirmation.