News Round~Up

With Doctor Who Series 8 under way, it's been a busy old time on the world of Doctor Who and there's some news and juicy nuggets that may have passed you by. Collected here is a round-up of the very latest news.

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Blogtor's spoiler~free review
Introduction from Moffat, Coleman and Capaldi
TV trailer
Gallery of promo pics
Next Time trailer
Cast list
Gallery of Doctor Who, Torchwood and SJA aliens in the ep

FREE audio commentary
Doctor Who Extra
What Did YOU Think?

The Caretaker cast list
Kill The Moon episode synopsis
The Caretaker episode synopsis

Time Heist
Tom Baker At 80
Domain of the Voord
The Worlds of Doctor Who
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller

The Complete David Tennant Years box set
Doctor Who Magazine 478
Whovian Dad: Fandom, Fatherhood and Whovian Family Values
Limited Edition poster from Hamleys
Sherlock S1-3 box set

Doctor Who and the Scottish referendum: The Doctor’s adventures in time and Scotland
New late air time may exclude younger viewers
10 game-changing moments in Who history
Arthur Darvill to attend UK convention
Blogtor Writes For Metro