Robot of Sherwood round~up

Tonight on televisions around the world, the Peter Capaldi era of Doctor Who continues with Series 8, Episode 3. Collected below you can find links to pics, clips and information regarding the story, Robot of Sherwood.

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Steven Moffat says in DWM 476: "A glorious heart-filling, action-packed romp, with a truly stellar guest performance from Tom Riley - it's like all of summer in 45 minutes, with sword fights."

From SFX 251: "It's The Doctor meets Robin Hood. And it's about being a hero. The Doctor's going through a period of his life where he's worrying about whether he counts as a good man... It's very, very funny."

From Radio Times: "There's no such thing as Robin Hood!"
They meet at last! This island's greatest hero and defender of the innocent comes face to face with Robin hood! The only trouble is, according to The Doctor, Robin Hood can't be real. In a sun-dappled Sherwood Forest, The Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars. But with of Nottingham at stake (and possibly Derby), there's no time for the two adventurers to get into a fight about who is real and who isn't - which is probably why they do very little else!

Includes the word, "vegetables".

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