Seasons of War charity book

Find below the details and artwork for a new Doctor Who charity anthology book featuring The War Doctor, as played by John Hurt.

Seasons of War is a fiction anthology written, entirely for charity, by a whole host of talented writers from all over the world all coming together to tell tales from the very, very long life of that most fascinating and unknown of Doctors,The War Doctor.

The Unofficial Doctor Who Charity Anthology Seasons Of War is compiled and edited by Declan May with associate editor Warren Frey, creative editor Simon A.Brett and design editor Nicholas Hollands and will be available in early December 2014.

All of the people who have contributed to this book have done so for free, with the sole intention of raising money for the charity 

On a personal note, the book is dedicated to the memory of PAUL SPRAGG (from Big Finish) who passed away in 2014 and, with whom, the initial idea of the Anthology was discussed and it was dear Paul who was so very helpful in providing for me contacts, names, numbers and email addresses of those who might like to help out. The short story Anthlogy features contributions from:


Seasons Of War is a collection of short stories detailing the adventures of The War Doctor as depicted by John Hurt. The anthology will be available in ebook, paperback and in a special Deluxe edition, with all proceeds going to Caudwell children - - a charity which offers Family Support Services for families with children with learning difficulties such as autism, epilepsy and many, many others.

Caudwell helps in the home or in the hospital providing practical and emotional support at times of crisis. They provide mobility and sensory equipment for disabled children to enable them to live fulfilled and happy lives including proton therapy for childhood cancers as well as therapy’s to help children, with various conditions, to walk again.

Every penny from the Anthology will go to Caudwell through a JustGiving page, and... is entirely for free, just as long as one donates to the charity. For those wishing to pre-order now, all you need to do is to donate at the JustGiving page -  ( - donate as much or as little as you like, and, in the comment box, please leave your name and email address. Or, should you prefer not to, contact me – citing your donation – at this email address You will, one week before the release of Seasons Of War receive a personalised link to your email account enabling you to download the PDF/Ebook version of the Anthology.

For both the paperback and Deluxe editions of Seasons Of War, a link to purchase will be posted the JustGiving page on the week of release:

The e-book/Kindle/PDF version of Seasons Of War will be available to those who donated at the JustGiving page on Dec 5 (provisional, may change). The paperback edition will follow two weeks later for a set price (with all money, save for the print-on-demand fees and printing) going to the charity. The set price is yet to be finalised, but there will be at least a £10 'donation' on top of the basic print-on-demand price.

Declan May, Editor