EXCLUSIVE: Gareth Roberts talks The Caretaker

Writer Gareth Roberts has spoken exclusively to Blogtor about his latest Doctor Who episode, The Caretaker. The man behind such classics as The Lodger and The Unicorn & the Wasp gave us the comments and insight for the episode audio commentary, released last week. You can download the audio commentary directly HERE or check it out on iTunes HERE or use the player below!

As revealed on the commentary last week, Roberts told us:
"The Doctor and Courtney are kindred spirits. He's 100% rebel Time Lord, she's 100% rebel schoolgirl. They're both very direct, and appreciate each other's directness; there's no social niceties for either of them, they just say what you want. Also, I hope amusingly, a lot of their bravado is front."
He also gave us a great tidbit regarding Courtney's scenes in the TARDIS, the writer said:
"When Courtney throws up, just before the Doctor initially said, 'What's that wheezing groaning sound?' But that got cut, I think sadly."
The phrase "wheezing groaning sound" will be familiar to readers of the TARGET novelisations of Doctor Who stories where the words were used to describe the sound of the TARDIS.
Many thanks to Gareth for his time and thoughts. The next audio commentary, for Kill The Moon, features exclusive comments and amazing behind-the-scenes info from writer Peter Harness - it will be released immediately after the episode airs on Saturday. You can subscribe on iTunes HERE and check out all the other Doctor Who Series 8 audio commentaries HERE.


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