REVIEW: Official replica Fourth Doctor S16/17 scarf

What a world we live in! Not only did the lovely people at Lovarzi already give Doctor Who fans TWO replica Tom Baker Fourth Doctor scarves (including the luscious Season 18 burgundy edition), they've treated us all to another fine member of the collection.

This time, it's their longest yet. This 18 ft scarf bests the previous two, in length, by five of your Earth feet. There is an increased price but, blimey, it's worth it.

As modelled by Tom Baker, who is certainly in my Top 5 of favourite actors to play Doctor Who, in Season 16 and 17 (which saw him find The Key to Time and then lose his arms, his legs and his everything), this is a proper fan accoutrement. Sure, your everyday humanoid will notice as you pass by and identify you as a Doctor Who fan, but us real people will know exactly where and what years that scarf originated from. And who you are paying homage to.

At eighteen feet long it is incredibly long. That may seem like an obvious thing to say but, crikey by jingo, it's HUGE! (To be exact: it's 18ft, that's 5.48m, excluding tassels and it's 10 inches wide, fact fans!)

And the fun you can have draping it over everywhere and anywhere is incalculable. Of course, you can also wear the thing but, be warned - you'll have to wrap it around you several billion times [Really?? - Ed] before it stops tripping you up.

The Fourth Doctor replica scarf is also beautifully made and, if you're familiar with Lovarzi's previous Doctor Who products, you'll be pleased to know this one is even better. The finishing on the stitching, for example, is superior to the other scarves (and they were mighty fine too!).


So, another great release from Lovarzi and definitely one any fan of that era will covet and need in their life. It'll also make a rather handy (given that it's winter!) Christmas pressies for the Who fan in your life.


Review by Cameron K McEwan - follow on Twitter HERE