Friday, February 28, 2014

10th & 11th Doctor Comics from Titan

As announced previously, Titan Comics are releasing new Doctor Who comics featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, check out the cover art and details for two new issues below.

Regular cover by Alice X. Zhang


Eisner Award-winning writer Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite artist Elena Casagrande (Angel, Suicide Risk, Doctor Who, Star Trek) take control of the TARDIS for their first five-issue arc with the Tenth Doctor! And don't miss the second arc, by fellow series architect Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, Nikolai Dante, The Authority)!

On-sale July 23, 2014

Regular cover by Alice X. Zhang


Series architects Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard, Mighty Avengers, Trifecta) and Rob Williams (Revolutionary War, Ordinary, Miss Fury, The Royals: Masters of War, Trifecta) kick off a whirlwind adventure through eternity for the Eleventh Doctor, with artist Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante, Grindhouse, Doctor Who)!

On-sale July 23, 2014

Thanks to Titan Comics

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mark Gatiss to tour Brazil

Acclaimed British screenwriter, producer and actor Mark Gatiss will be visiting Brazil in March in a special publicity tour for BBC Worldwide to talk about British drama including Sherlock and Doctor Who.

Gatiss has been invited to speak at the prestigious Rio Content Market – an annual industry event for producers, TV content buyers and commissioners in Latin America. At the conference, he will be giving a presentation on his career in British drama with a focus on Sherlock and also An Adventure in Space and Time – the drama about the genesis of Doctor Who which he wrote and produced last year as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

As part of the tour, Mark will also be meeting fans at two events specially organised by BBC Worldwide. The first will be a screening of The Empty Hearse – the opening episode of the latest series of Sherlock, written by Gatiss. The screening will take place at Livraria Cultura (Cine Victoria) in Rio de Janeiro on Friday 14th March at 7pm. As part of the event, Mark will take part in a Q and A and signing session with fans.

The second event will take place at Livraria Cultura (Shopping Iguatemi) in Sao Paulo at 7pm on Saturday 15th March. Fans will have the opportunity to ask questions about Mark’s work on Doctor Who, Sherlock and the recent drama An Adventure in Space and Time. He will also take part in a limited signing of Sherlock and Doctor Who merchandise. Further details of both events and how to obtain tickets will be released soon on Details of the venues can be found at
Commenting on the forthcoming tour Mark Gatiss says: “It’s fantastic that British TV is being enjoyed all across the world and I’m really looking forward to meeting Brazilian Doctor Who and Sherlock fans!”

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection DVD [UPDATE]

Last week Blogtor reported that the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have cleared some titles which would indicate that a new collectors' edition of The Day of the Doctor DVD/bluray will be released celebrating the show's 50th Anniversary output. Listed as the "DR WHO 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION", it is set to feature "DVD Extras" such as: two Cinema Intros (as shown in theatres before The Day of the Doctor) and a deleted scene. The set looks like it will also include The Science of Doctor Who and The Ultimate Guide.

UPDATE: Blogtor has been in touch with BBC Worldwide regarding this news and they've told us that no set is due for release in the immediate future but there are plans for a set later in the year.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tee Offers

Our buddies over at RIPT Apparel have got another two great Doctor Who designs for sale - for 24 hours only! Titled Planet of the Angels and Who Now?, the tees are available worldwide for $10 - visit the site HERE! They're also available in kids sizes and as: a fleece hoody, a onesie, prints, coasters, headphones and laptop sleeves!

Design By Humans have also got some fab Doctor Who tees available. Above you can find The Doctors, available in men and women's Tees, as well as art prints and phone cases - which you can buy HERE - and The Doctor VS The Universe which you can buy HERE. Visit Design By Humans HERE. for loads more fantastic Who tees.

Falling by khallion - Now available at

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New Recurring Character for Series 8

The BBC have announced that actor Samuel Anderson (The History Boys, Gavin & Stacey) will play a "recurring" character in Doctor Who Series 8 - click on the picture included here for a bigger version.

Anderson has been cast as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School where Clara also teaches (as revealed in The Day of the Doctor). Speaking about his role, he said:
"I was so excited to join Doctor Who I wanted to jump and click my heels, but I was scared I might not come down before filming started! It’s a quintessential part of British culture and I can’t believe I’m part of it. It’s an honour to be able to work alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and I can’t wait to show people how my character becomes involved with such a fantastic duo!"
Also announced are some new names for upcoming stories. Episode 4 will star Robert Goodman (Game of Thrones) whilst Episode 5 will see Jonathan Bailey (Broadchurch), and Pippa Bennett-Warner (Death in Paradise) join the cast.

The Web of Fear on DVD

Today sees the release of the classic Patrick Troughton story, The Web of Fear, check out the details below. Pre-order now at BBC HERE. Click on the cover image for a bigger version. Read the Blogtor Who review HERE.

Previously unseen in the UK for 45 years and re-mastered from newly discovered tapes located in Nigeria, the formerly missing Doctor Who classic - The Web of Fear - will soon be available to own on DVD. Starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, alongside Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Deborah Watling (Victoria) as companions, this iconic story sees the TARDIS narrowly avoid becoming engulfed in a mysterious cobweb-like substance in space before arriving in the London Underground railway system.

The Doctor soon discovers that something strange is afoot as the tunnels are being overrun by the web, an army or robotic yetis and The Great Intelligence. The Web of Fear is also famed for introducing one of Doctor Who folklore’s most beloved characters; Nicholas Courtney as Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart who later became the Brigadier. The Brigadier’s legacy lives on in contemporary Doctor Who, with Kate Stewart (his daughter) starring in the show’s 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. Read the Blogtor Who review HERE. Note: this release does NOT include an animated episode. The still missing Ep 3 is as was presented on the iTunes version last year - reconstructed from telesnaps with orginal soundtrack. There are no extras on this DVD other than a trailer for The Enemy of the World. 

BBC also have an EXCLUSIVE Slipcase Cover for the DVD and a rather snazzy EXCLUSIVE tee (pictured right) accompany this iconic release - check them out HERE.

Thanks to BBC Worldwide

Sunday, February 23, 2014

AUDIO REVIEW: White Ghosts

White Ghosts
by Alan Barnes

Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Out Now 

When the TARDIS is nearly hit by a missile, it materialises on a planet at the edge of the known universe, a planet so dark there is only one day's light every thousand years. A research group are attempting to discover what happens on this day of light, but things are not all that they seem.

One of the joys of Big Finish classic Doctor stories is they do such a great job of re-creating the eras they are set in. This Fourth Doctor story sees Tom Baker reunited with Louise Jameson as Leela, and the banter between the characters is spot on for an autumnal Saturday in '77.

Alan Barnes' story is a fast paced two-parter with some great Fourth Doctor moments, being utilised by the Time Lords for a mission, giant plants running amok, research team light years from home and not up to quite what they should be, and of course some fine Baker vocal booms. Its always a pleasure to hear Tom on fine form, and with this good chemistry with Louise, strong story/script and Nicholas Briggs experienced direction, this is an audio adventure that bubbles along nicely.

For me, I'm still quite new to Big Finish audios generally. Finding the time(s) and the right place to listen and enjoy audio Doctor Who has been a bit clunky, but the more I listen the more I'm enjoying this medium for Who and trying to set more time aside to listen properly and get the benefit. Some great people working on these, and the standard is high.

Thanks to Big Finish

AUDIO REVIEW: The Sleeping City

The Sleeping City
by Ian Potter

Starring William Russell

Out Now

Big Finish’s latest Companion Chronicle offers up a retro slice of classic ‘60s Doctor Who, flitting back and forth from the oppressive confines of an interview cell, to a gleaming city far in the future.  The listener joins Ian Chesterton at the beginning of an interrogation session conducted by the smooth, but menacing, Gerrard. Both Ian and Barbara have been detained on suspicion of being Soviet spies, their mysterious disappearance from Coal Hill School and unexplained return having attracted unwanted attention from the intelligence services.

What’s particularly pleasing about the framing device of this adventure, is that it’s clear early on, in his amused but careful responses to Gerrard’s questioning, that Ian has come a long way from mundane Mr Chesterton, science master. Quite the seasoned TARDIS traveller, he subtly takes control of the situation, choosing to narrate to his captor the details of his trip to Hisk (the titular “Sleeping City”) with The Doctor, Vicki and Barbara.

There’s a complete contrast then, as Ian describes the travellers’ sampling the varied delights of a marketplace, before quickly becoming embroiled in Hisk society as their curiosity leads them to discover the meaning of the mysterious “Limbus” to which the city’s inhabitants are called.

Being the most at home of the TARDIS crew in the futuristic setting, Vicki has no hesitation in linking up to Limbus, discovering that it is in fact a mechanism which allows the citizens of Hisk to participate in collective dreams.  It soon becomes tragically apparent however that there’s a serpent at the heart of this Eden in the form of the squawking, scaly, black harbingers: their appearance signalling death for those unfortunate enough to witness them.

The TARDIS quartet are forced to work quickly to uncover the source of the harbingers: a quest that becomes personal and urgent when Vicki is attacked. There are echoes of First Doctor adventures The Keys of Marinus and The Sensorites as The Doctor takes charge, directing operations in his attempts to uncover the cause of the harbingers, not hesitating to take drastic steps to correct the flaw at the very heart of Hisk society.

Meanwhile the interrogation scenes between Ian and Gerrard begin to hint that there is another agenda going on, all to be revealed in startling fashion at the story’s conclusion.

William Russell is in excellent form as Ian Chesterton, imbuing him with the wry humour with which he faced many adversaries in his TARDIS travels.  John Banks is splendidly urbane, yet intimidating, as Gerrard.  Elements of this adventure link back to Doctor Who in its earlier, more innocent and more leisurely-paced past.  However there’s a sense that Ian and Barbara’s escapades might actually be about to come to a grim and distinctly unglamorous end.

It’s a thoughtful story, positing questions about the extent to which society exerts control on the individual: ripe material for the First Doctor’s sense of moral outrage.

Big Finish makes customary good use of soundscapes to convey worlds beyond the budget of the parent television show, and Ian Potter’s concept of the Hiskian-generated dreams, invaded by the skin-crawling harbingers is an effective one, lasting in the memory long after the adventure has reached its cleverly understated finale.

Thanks to Big Finish

Friday, February 21, 2014

REVIEW: Dark Eyes 2

Dark Eyes 2
Written by Nicholas Briggs, Alan Barnes & Matt Fitton

Starring Paul McGann

Out Now

On the back of finally witnessing how the Eighth Doctor died, now we can see how he lived and what lead him to that point in, Dark Eyes 2, the second installment in the ongoing series featuring Paul McGann as the Doctor, produced by Big Finish.

Dark Eyes was massively popular and successful and the decision to separate the Eighth Doctor’s adventures from his other selves was a great way to make them a little more special. It’s been over a year since we’ve had any McGann stories to satisfy our appetite, but has Dark Eyes 2 been worth the wait?

The story is broken up into four parts, so let’s review each separately and then evaluate the sum of its parts.

The Traitor by Nicholas Briggs
This is the Dalek story, where we find Liv Chenka (whom we met once before alongside the Seventh Doctor in Big Finish story and sequel to Tom Baker serial Robots of Death, Robophobia) on the Dalek occupied planet planet Nixyce VII, apparently working for the old pepper-pots and killing the rebellion of the planets slaves with kindness and compassion.

This story kicks off Dark Eyes 2 with a bang, literally. It feels reminiscent of the set-up in the Hartnell story The Daleks Invasion of Earth and, moreover, Big Finish’s own Dalek Empire. I was sad not to hear the terrifyingly-calm dulcet tones of the Voc Robots encountered the last time we met Liv Chenka; presumably they have been dismantled. The best and most shocking part of this first installment is the Doctor’s arrival and his agenda; however, it’s Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka who really steals the show here. Honourable mention should also go to Chris Porter as Carna, the leader of the revolution for his impressively physical performance, regardless of the audio format.

The White Room by Alan Barnes
In the next part we’re in a totally different environ, Molly O’Sullivan is still working as Nurse, but she’s moved to London and the year is 1918. It’s war time and young deserters are disappearing, dangerous forces are abroad and an old enemy of The Doctor is behind the strange happenings.

Alan Barnes does a stand up job with this historical setting; he wrote the first Big Finish story for Paul McGann, Storm Warning, and there’s another familiar enemy on the scene, and without spoiling it, it’s a Big Finish original. There are some great performances, but it’s Ian Brooker, as Doctor Herbert Goring, who is most memorable. It’s a creepy atmospheric tale.

Time’s Horizon by Matt Fitton
The Doctor and Molly find themselves at the end of creation and who should they discover there but Liv Chenka aboard a cryo exploration ship. An ancient, evil force is on a collision course with them all.

This is the first time I feel writer Matt Fittton has slightly missed his mark, he’s certainly Big Finish’s best resource at present but this adventure feels like a third story hump. It carries some important plot points, but the adventure is a little over complex for its audio format and just doesn’t quite measure up. The reveal of the returning evil is yet another Big Finish creation and for my money doesn’t quite measure up to the likes of the Daleks or The Master.

Eyes of The Master by Matt Fitton
The Doctor, Liv and Molly continue on their journey this time arriving on Earth in the 1970s. They’re revisiting and investigating the Ides Institute, but the time lines have changed and Doctor Sally Armstrong is alive and still working for the Ides but she’s got a new associate and he’s got a devastating plan. The Eyes of The Master is right back on track. Alex Macqueen is truly fantastic as The Master. He’s not the Delgado Master, but he is back in the 70s and he’s disguised as an optician and rocking a Master style alias. The set up for the next series is certainly enticing and the resolution to this quadrilogy is satisfying.

Unlike its predecessor, Dark Eyes 2 moves at a real pace. McGann is massively on form throughout the whole serial and, with fantastic performances from Ruth Bradley, Nicola Walker (who feels underused, it has to be said), Alex Macqueen, Ian Brooker, David Shaw-Parker and a wonderful cameo by unexpected Doctor Who lover Frank Skinner, it’s consistently engaging, exciting and enjoyable. It’s fascinating to see how Big Finish has been going strong for so long and is so well established that it is legitimising itself and beginning to reuse its own creations. Dark Eyes 2 has a real mishmash compilation, in a good way, of characters from different times and places.

It’s not clearly stated but these stories feel like the beginning of The Doctor’s journey in fighting against becoming part of the Time War. Dark Eyes 2 is a great second installment of the ongoing series, my only slight hesitation is a doubt in its longevity for two more seasons; how many more explanations for Molly’s eyes turning dark will feel feasible? It’s well worth a listen, but you definitely need to have heard Dark Eyes. Check them both out, they’re great for fans old and new.

Thanks to Big Finish

Thursday, February 20, 2014

REVIEW: The Brood of Erys

Written by Andrew Smith

Starring Colin Baker

Out Now

Review by Andrea McGuire 

The Brood of Erys is the latest audio adventure from Big Finish featuring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as sometime companion Flip Jackson.

As the TARDIS materialises in the unwelcoming area around the lonely planet Asphya and its moon, Erys, the Doctor and Flip are overrun by the imp-like, mind-bending Drachee, who spirit Flip away to Erys.

As the Doctor searches for Flip, he encounters Sarra, a woman with amnesia so complete that she doesn’t even know who she is or how she happens to be on a space yacht over Asphya. Arriving at a small village on Asphya, the Doctor and Sarra discover the reason for the planet’s isolation and the Asphyans’ terrible fear of the Drachee; a genuinely sinister horde of malevolent munchkins if ever there was one. Vowing to save Flip from Erys, the Doctor sets off with Sarra in tow.

Flip, meanwhile, is discovering some unpalatable truths about Erys, the living moon (played with a knowing salute to the Great and Powerful Oz by Brian Shelley), and Lisa Greenwood’s portrayal of a brave and resourceful Flip trying to make her escape from a seemingly inescapable situation is both winning and likeable.

Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor as he searches for his missing companion is his usual prickly, Nelly-know-all self, but with echoes of William Hartnell’s gruff but warm-hearted Doctor Who and the final pay-off of this is very pleasing and, I’m not ashamed to admit, a little bit tear-jerky. 

The Brood of Erys moves at a fair pace and has a couple of decent cliffhangers, but spends the third act getting slightly messy and going a bit crackers as Andrew Smith’s script tries to explain what the flip’s going on. There’s a seemingly daft side story about nutrients and a moon-as-a-human-body analogy that’s actually worth sticking with by the time you reach the end of part four. There are even some added gruesome monsters thrown in for good measure and an interesting and unexpected resolution for the people of Asphya.

It’s worth noting that the sound effects throughout this story are wonderful, from the awfully squelchy body process noises to the delightfully 80s beepy/tinkly machine sounds.

But machines and monsters aside, The Brood of Erys is ultimately a tale of the love of a parent for a child. Does a parent protect their children? Indulge them? Sacrifice themselves for their children? Or let them go free to live their own lives? These questions are implicitly asked, but left for the listener to ponder the answers as the story ends with the Doctor’s mind turned to the question of Peri.  But that’s a question for another adventure. One that is, hopefully, as good as this one. 

The Brood of Erys includes CD extra interviews with writer Andrew Smith as well as the lovely, gregarious Colin Baker and his fellow cast members, including Sarra actress Nicola Sian (who also played Clara’s mum Ellie Oswald in the TV series, fact fans) and a kid-in-a-sweetshop bit from Brian Shelley. Very nice.

Thanks to Big Finish

Review by Andrea McGuire

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Tee Offers

 Our chums over at TeeFury have got more great Doctor Who tees for sale - for 24 hours only! Titled See You In Our Dreams and Bad Wolf these designs are available worldwide for $11 - visit the site HERE.

Below you can find Impossible Call Box and Dr. Hoot from Design By Humans, which are available in men and women's Tees, as well as art prints and phone cases - buy HERE. Visit Design By Humans HERE.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection DVD

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have cleared some titles which would indicate that a new collectors' edition of The Day of the Doctor DVD/bluray will be released celebrating the show's 50th Anniversary output. Listed as the "DR WHO 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION", it is set to feature "DVD Extras" such as: two Cinema Intros (as shown in theatres before The Day of the Doctor) and a deleted scene. The set looks like it will also include The Science of Doctor Who and The Ultimate Guide.

No official word has been announced yet but one would imagine that the genesis of Doctor Who drama An Adventure In Space & Time will also be included (marking its Bluray debut) amongst others. No release date is known as of yet, and BBC Worldwide are yet to comment - more news when it comes.
Thanks to David Ashby

UPDATE: Blogtor has been in touch with BBC Worldwide regarding this news and they've told us that no set is due for release in the immediate future but there are plans for a set later in the year.

For more details on The Day of the Doctor, visit HERE.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Courtesy of @TwinBeasties

With filming on Doctor Who Series 8 commencing, it's been a busy old time on the world of Doctor Who and there's some news and juicy nuggets that may have passed you by. Collected here is a round-up of the very latest news.

Don't forget you can follow Blogtor Who on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news on Doctor Who - follow HERE. Read the last news round~up HERE.





Here's what the critics have been saying about Blogtor's new Doctor Who documentary, Who's Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans, click on them for the full reviews:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy 50th Christopher Eccleston!

 Illustration by Andrew Skilleter, from The Who's Who of Doctor Who.*

Today sees the birthday of former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston. The actor, who played the "Ninth" Doctor in case you've forgotten, is 50 years old today and I'd like to take a moment to celebrate one of my favourite Doctors. Later on, there'll be a "list" but, first, I thought I would share some of my more general thoughts about the Northerner.

When the Eccles~a~tron was first announced I remember being mightily impressed with the casting, much like when Paul McGann was unveiled. Chris was, like the Eighth Doctor's shoes, the perfect fit. I couldn't have been more delighted (well, maybe if they'd cast Hugh Grant). And when the first pictures of him emerged as the Time Lord, bedecked in leather with very un-Gallifreyan hair, I was shocked, thrilled and slightly aroused. Again, I could not have been more pleased.

This enpleasening continued and swelled immeasurably from the first exciting hand-grabbing moments of Rose to his final teary goodbye in Parting of the Ways. Christoper Eccleston was the PERFECT Doctor and entertained no end with his august performance which he peppered with light moments and frivolity. His one series (or season, as some might call it), may not have been enough but it remains a solid outing that captured the hearts of millions around the world and made them either fall in love with Doctor Who all over again, or made them fall in love with it for the first time.

Though his time was short, for me, he's most definitely one of THE best, unquestionably in my top five - up there along with the likes Hartnell, Davison and Baker. I miss and celebrate the man in equal measures, and I look forward to seeing him in Doctor Who once more.


9. The Doctor cries (The End of the World)
Just before she sacrificed herself to save the inhabitants of Platform One, lovely tree lady Jabe revealed she knew exactly where The Doctor was from. She sympathetically said, "it's remarkable that you even exist. I just wanted to say how sorry I am," and then reached out an arm (or branch) to him. To which, firstly, the audience are collectively exclaiming "Wha??" (well, the older fans anyway) but, more importantly, The Doctor sheds a tear. An actual tear. A beautiful moment played so tenderly.

8. "Lots of planets have a north!" (Rose)

7. The Doctor meets Dickens (The Unquiet Dead)
Another from the more playful side of Nine. Stuck in a cab with his hero, The Doctor gets to gush about the author's work. It's a lovely moment, mirroring the worship that exists, in real life, around Doctor Who. Though a fan, he's never scared to be slightly critical - regarding the "American bit" in Martin Chuzzlewit he states, "Was that just padding or what? I mean, it's rubbish, that bit," and Ecclescake portrays his fanaticism wonderfully.
6. "Run!" (Rose)
Possibly one of the most exciting initial meetings between a Doctor and his companion ever, this encounter encapsulated everything that was so unique about the relationship between Rose and the Time Lord. That scintillating moment when he grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and rasped, "Run!" sums up their dynamic - adventure and fun. Really, Chris was grabbing our hand, the audience's collective consciousness (his favourite word), and inviting us for some time-traveling excitement. Never has one word made such an impression.

5. "I MADE IT HAPPEN!" (Dalek)
"They're never going to come! Your race is dead! You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire. The entire Dalek race wiped out in one second." Ooof! Take that poor solitary Dalek who we were all getting quite attached to. There's some very un~Doctory moments in the brilliant Robert Shearman story, notably in how the Gallifreyan takes glee in taunting the Metaltron and then hunts it down with a gun. Chilling, and Chrissy E brings all his acting nouse to each syllable he spits.
4. "Everybody lives!" (The Doctor Dances)
Awww, that they do Doctor, that they do.

3. "Rose, before I go..." (The Parting of the Ways)
We never really had The Doctor face regeneration in such a way before. In such a composed, calm and almost proud fashion; ready for "death", as it were. And telling a companion they were fantastic in the run-up to it? Classy. Though, in case we got too teary (which we were!), The Doctor cheekily adds in his own inimitable fashion, "So was I." Yup, he was. *sniffs*
2. "The turn of the Earth." (Rose)
Amazingly, this beautiful scene between Chris and Billie Piper was a last minute addition to the episode (which had underran by a good few minutes) yet it shows off Chris' skills perfectly. The humour from the "shop wars" gag to the pensiveness of answering Rose's question of "who are you?", it's an astounding couple of minutes. "The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling round the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour, and I can feel it," he calmly proclaims. It's a definition of the Time Lord we've never heard, and it's so relatable and human. But still so madly alien - which pretty much defined Christopher Eccleston's Doctor.
1. The Doctor sends Rose home (The Parting of the Ways)
Ermahgerd, the FEELS!!!

To be honest, there are a number of moments from his very final episode that could have made this list. Like Rose, it's almost a template for everything that shines in his portrayal (and mentioned many times above). I've chosen this particular moment as it's the pinnacle of The Doctor's character. In The Caves of Androzani we saw The Fifth Doctor act selflessly to save his companion and here The Ninth Doctor does the same. Russell T Davies performed so many wonderful tasks in this first series, but none more so than to give a Gallifreyan an emotional core that resonated like never before and to give him hearts that cared so much for his friend. Cared so much that he sent her away from the horrors he was sure they were about to face.

It was this moment, after an already fantastic collection of episodes, that I realised I loved Doctor Who like never before. Seeing Chris leaving the TARDIS and instantly knowing what he was about to do felt like nothing before in the history of the show, for me. And that look as he turns round. Man. Sheer poetry. Thanks Chris.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Christopher Eccleston and The Ninth Doctor in the comments section below!

* Image reproduced by kind permission of the artist, for more of his amazing art visit:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Doctor Who DVD & Bluray sale retailer Movie Mail have announced a fantastic Doctor Who DVD & Bluray sale. Available from their site now are a number of brilliant stories, both "classic" and "new", from only £5.99! Visit the sale HERE.

For example, you can pick up the terrific Legacy Boxset for only £8.49 (click HERE) whilst Tom Baker classic The Seeds of Doom is  just £5.99 (click HERE) as is the Jon Pertwee story The Daemons (click HERE) and the William Hartnell six-parter The Reign Of Terror (click HERE). Visit the sale HERE.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Missing Episodes Cinema "Marathon" celebrate the release of the classic Doctor Who story The Web of Fear on DVD on Monday 24th February, BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce a marathon screening of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on Saturday, Feb 22 at 11.15am.

Tickets go on sale from at 9am on Friday 14th Feb 14 and are priced at just £14. The screening of the episodes will be followed by a Q&A session with Deborah Watling (Victoria) and Frazer Hines (Jamie) who starred in both stories alongside The Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.

Peter Capaldi in The Musketeers

The BBC have released more promotional pictures of Peter Capaldi, who readers may be familiar with in his work on Doctor Who, from the sixth episode of the BBC One drama, The Musketeers - click on the images included here for bigger versions. Episode 6, in which Capaldi plays Cardinal Richelieu, air March 2 at 9pm on BBC One. See more pics HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures

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Tee Offers

Our buddies over at RIPT Apparel have got another two great Doctor Who designs for sale - for 24 hours only! Titled Professor Whotonium 11 and Lords, the tees are available worldwide for $10 - visit the site HERE! They're also available in kids sizes and as: a fleece hoody, a onesie, prints, coasters, headphones and laptop sleeves!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doctor Who documentary at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival Doctor Who documentary, Who's Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans, is to be screened at the 39th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival this week. The feature length film, produced by Blogtor Who and Talking Who, will be screened on Thursday Feb 13 at 7pm at the Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Sq. Tickets are priced $10.00 - buy HERE.

Who's Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans features Doctor Who legends such as Louise Jameson (Leela), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Dan Starkey (Strax), Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia Pond), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint) and writers such as Andrew Smith (Full Circle), James Moran (The Fires of Pompeii), Eric Saward (Earthshock), Jane Espenson (Torchwood: Miracle Day) and script editor/author Gary Russell alongside many more fascinating names. Visit for the full list. Watch the trailer below.

You can rent Who's Changing in the player above (for only £3.49) or you can buy the DVD online from:, and Amazon or in stores such as Forbidden Planet (London), The Who Shop (London), The Cinema Store (London), The Stamp Centre (The Strand, London) or Galaxy 4 in Sheffield.

You can also buy the DVD directly from us using the form below for only GBP £12.99 - including worldwide shipping!

The DVD is Region 0 (Region Free 0 - can be played by DVD players around the world) and features 82 minutes of extras including full interviews with Louise Jameson, Neve McIntosh, Sophie Aldred, Dan Starkey and Simon Fisher-Becker.

What the critics have been saying!

"It's like spending 80 minutes in the company of your friends talking about your favourite TV show. Highly recommended."
The Geeks Handbag

"Very interesting and very worth watching if you’re a fan of the show.", 7/10

"Who’s Changing is a fine DVD that shows why, after 50 years, we’re still fascinated with a alien who travels through time in a big blue box."

"really fun to watch and an excellent addition to any Who fan's collection. I would highly recommend it for everybody."

"What makes it stand out from the rest though is that it talks to real fans as well as the stars and also gathers a real insight into the mind of Doctor Who fans. All in all it is a great little package"
Burton Mail

"This documentary serves as an excellent introduction to the world of Doctor Who’s fandom and will certainly leave you wanting to know and see more."
The Spoilist