REVIEW: Official Doctor Who TARDIS Stick Umbrella

Official TARDIS Stick Umbrella
by Lovarzi 

Out Now

Priced £34.99

Available HERE

Review by Cameron K McEwan

Just in time for the British summer comes this amazing accessory for Whofans everywhere. Rain or shine! From Lovarzi, better known for their amazing official Doctor Who scarves, come a fantastic addition for your collection.

Umbrellas are just like the TARDIS, if you think about. In a stroke of marketing genius by Steve Umbrella (the man who invented the item), they are, in fact, bigger on the inside at the flip of a switch! Or, in this case, a handy button.

As you can see from the pictures included here, the design (which is a digital print) is a beautiful recreation of the TARDIS (eight of them!). Click on the images for bigger versions.

Click on the pics for bigger versions

The umbrella opens up to a 23inch (58.4cm) canopy, so it's a good size to keep those pesky droplets off your head and clothes - and it will definitely catch the eye of any Who fans in the vicinity! Prepare to get jealous stares...

It's got a high-end fibre glass frame keeping it together with an auto open feature and a snazzy luxurious handle that The Doctor would be more than happy to hold.

Click on the pics for bigger versions

You might think that £34 for an umbrella is a bit expensive, and it maybe is a wee bit, but this particular umbrella will last - it's certainly a high quality product and the design is fantastic. And, if you're not 100% happy with it, Lovarzi offer a 90-day money-back guaranteel full refund - no questions asked!

I imagine, though, that no refunds will be necessary and you'll be taking your very own TARDIS out for a spin, brightening up a rainy day or even on a sunny day, just for the hell of it!