Doctor Who - The Complete History

From the people behind the wonderful Doctor Who Magazine comes an exciting new artwork series examining the history of the show. Doctor Who – The Complete History gathers all there is to know about Doctor Who in one essential encyclopaedic collection. Visit for more details.

The first issue will be published on September 9, 2015, priced only £1.99 (issue 2 is £6.99 and issue 3 onwards is priced at £9.99) and will be available every two weeks.

For more info about Doctor Who – The Complete History, visit

Written by the experts behind Doctor Who Magazine, this unique book collection goes behind the TV cameras to document the making of the world’s longest running science fiction series from 1963 to the present day.

Scripts, casting, film locations, studio recordings, broadcast, ratings and merchandise are all covered in detail for each and every adventure, along with full story details and profiles of the cast and crew, all illustrated by a wealth of colour and black and white photographs.

From script to screen, discover how every adventure of all 12 Doctors was created.

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