Doctor Who Comic and Doctor Who Adventures out today!

Included below are details and artwork from the latest issues of Doctor Who Comic and Doctor Who Adventures, both out now!

This brand-new issue features strip from the Doctor Who: Four Doctors crossover event series - featuring the first ever meeting of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors!

This epic, world-first adventure is written by Paul Cornell (Father’s Day, Human Nature and The Family of Blood, and comics Wolverine, Captain Britain, MI: 13), with astounding art by Neil Edwards (Justice League Unlimited, Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man).


It’s October and Something Wicked This Way Comes… in the form of the wickedest magazine in the universe – issue 7 of Doctor Who Adventures. So prepare for a Halloween like no other with a huge celebration of monster mayhem!

BEAUTY SLEEP When the Doctor comes to visit Clara, he finds the whole school fast asleep. Either Clara’s class is the most boring experience in the universe or the planet is under attack from a Somnosian Invasion Force. Comic strip action from Jason Quinn, Russ Leach and John Burns!

CREATING EVIL Get the low-down on Davros, dark lord of Skaro and creator of the Daleks!

MISSY’S CRAFT STUDIO Missy has kicked Clara out of the craft studio and shows you how to make an all-purpose gadget of evil. You may not be able to stop the planes with it but you’ll have somewhere cool to store your pencils!

UNIT ALIEN ARCHIVES Hack into the UNIT Alien Archives to find out more about the mysterious Shadow Proclamation

STRAX’S GUIDE TO ALIEN RACES This month, Strax gives you a lesson on some of the various alien threats the Doctor has faced over the years, including the Abzorbalovians, the Balhoonians and the Carrionites.

THE HUNT FOR DAVROS A cool game for two, you are racing across Skaro and have to get to Davros before your opponent!

THE PATERNOSTER GANG INVESTIGATES Rik Hoskin brings you the chilling story of the Misery Diary that reduces Strax and Jenny to tears. Can Madame Vastra break its uncanny spell?

Doctor Who Adventures #7 also comes with a massive double-sided poster and your own Psychic Paper, wallet and sonic screwdriver!