Doctor Who Adventures #8

Doctor Who Adventures No. 8 (C) Panini

The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, a magazine for younger fans, hits the streets later this week. Check  out all the details below and click on the image above for a bigger version

TIME & PR IN SPACE The Doctor gets a makeover and a new agent in Time and PR in Space, a brand new comic strip story scripted by Kieron Moore, illustrated by Russ Leach and coloured by John Burns.

TOUGH, WILD & UNPREDICTABLE Then we take a look at some of the women in the Doctor’s life, including Clara Oswald, Ashildr and River Song!

CLARA’S CRAFT STUDIO Get creative with Clara as you make your very own Davros Secret Storage pot, ideal for keeping all your special knick-knacks safe and sound.

UNIT ALIEN ARCHIVES Access UNIT’s alien archives to find out all about Colony Sarff!

THE PATERNOSTER GANG INVESTIGATES… Go back in time to Victorian London and join the Paternoster Gang as Strax, Jenny and Vastra investigate ghostly goings on in Paternoster Row!


Issue 8 comes with free Daleks and Cybermen patrols, so you can finally find out for yourselves who would win as you stage your own battles! All this and much, much more!