Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who Series 10

Steven Moffat

Yesterday, Blogtor sat down with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat to chat about this year's finale and the 2015 Christmas Special (more details to come over the next few weeks). I asked Steven when Series 10 would start filming and if he could comment on its scheduling in 2016, he told me:
"No, I’m not even allowed to! [Laughs] Scheduling, that’s up to BBC One.

I know that what I’ve signed on to do is 13 more episodes of Doctor Who, including a Christmas special. I’m trying to argue for slightly more than that but we’ll see."
I then asked if writers had been sourced for Doctor Who Series 10.
"Oh yes, it’s all in action! They’re not that long away! [Laughs] It’s really close, given that we’re doing Sherlock as well."
Steven also revealed that, at the moment, the new co-lead (or companion) for Doctor Who has not yet been cast. When asked if Osgood could be the new companion the writer commented that she would not be the right person to get on board for a "relaunch" of the show; and a previously-seen character from Who is not the direction the production team are currently taking for the role.
"My genuine belief is that it will be someone new. To throw away the chance to say you can start here is foolish. If it's somebody you have to know all about then you've lost that. I think particularly when you get a new companion, more so than a new Doctor, you are sort of saying, 'This is the beginning, this is where it starts - you could join in here.'"

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