Doctor Who Series 9: Hell Bent teasers

Hell Bent (C) BBC

Included below are spoiler-free quotes from this year's Doctor Who finale, Hell Bent - check them out below. As this episode is an hour special, there are 15 teasers as opposed to the normal 10. Check out the image gallery HERE.

Why are they ringing all the bells? Never heard so many.

Will all non-military personnel please step away from the Doctor. At least move the children away.

I think he's finishing his soup.

Words are his weapons, when did they stop being ours?

The Doctor does not blame Gallifrey for the horrors of the Time War, he just blames you.

You like a cliffhanger don’t you?

There was a saying in the Time War - the first thing you notice about the Doctor of War is he's unarmed.

How many regenerations did we grant you?

Prophecies, they never tell you anything useful do they?

There's a sound you've been living with every day of your life that you've learned not to hear.

You died billions of years ago.

Your death is an established historical event and cannot be altered.

I'll try not to break your jaw.

Why would a computer need to protect itself from the people who made it?

Why is it you spend so much time on Earth?


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