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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Three Doctors Collectors Set

Our buddies over at Forbidden Planet have announced details of an exciting new EXCLUSIVE (in the UK) Doctor Who action figure collection.  The Three Doctors Collectors Set is released in January 2013 and features The Brigadier (in peaked cap with pistol), Jo Grant (with alternate arms and removable gilet) and a Gel Guard.

The Three Doctors was a four~part story first broadcast in 1973 to celebrate the show's 10th Anniversary and also featured William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee.

Thanks to Forbidden Planet International
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

North American DVD News

Whilst the three classic Doctor Who stories, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Three Doctors and The Robots of Death, are released together in the Revisitations 3 boxset (review HERE) on Monday in the UK, they are to be made available separately on the same day as "Special Editions" in North America. Check out the cover art and galleries below (click on the pics for bigger versions). Full special features can be found HERE.

March 13, SRP $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)


March 13, SRP $34.98 ($43.98 in Canada)



$24.98 ($30.98 in Canada)


The Tom Baker story The Face of Evil, which introduced the character Leela, is also released on March 13 in North America. Check out the special features HERE and click on the pics below for bigger versions.

March 13, $24.98 ($30.98 in Canada)

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

REVIEW: Revisitations 3 DVD box set

As you may be aware, due to the vastness of this set and the wealth of material (old and new), I have split the review into three and you can find links to the stories included in the latest edition of Revisitations below. Check out all the details on the special features HERE.

Normally I'd have a rating out of ten for a review but this is a different kind of release to the usual fare. If you don't own any of the stories then I would uncategorically state that Revisitations 3 is an absolute must~buy - no contestation. Even if you own just one of the stories, then the box set is still a worthwhile purchase. But, in these austere times, you may have to think twice if you've previously purchased a couple of them (unless you're Mister/Missus Moneybags).

Thanks to 2|entertain
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

PREVIEW: Revisitations 3 - The Three Doctors

As there is so much material on the Revisitations 3 box set (featuring three stories over five discs), I've split the review into their respective parts - with each focusing on the separate tales. You can read full details about the box set HERE but, first up it's the 10th Anniversary story, The Three Doctors.

As with my preview of The Robots of Death from the same set, it seems pointless to go over a story that has already been made available on DVD that many of you probably already own. But I will say that The Three Doctors is not, for me, vintage Who. Some of you will already know this, but The Third Doctor era doesn't do much for me; with few stories that I return to from Pertwee's time.

Likewise, I'm no Troughton aficionado either so a story featuring the pair of them never really appealed to me (having first watch it on a 1983 repeat). It is, however, a bit of a fun romp with the two Time Lords bouncing off with another very well with a massive dose of mythology thrown in for good measure. And Gel Guards. *shivers* Anyway, I'm sure you know all about it so I shan't bore you further with my thoughts and we'll forge into the extras.

I have to say that the original DVD release of The Three Doctors (some complete with a nifty toy car of Bessie) had a perfectly acceptable array of special features (and they are all included here except, for some reason, Jon Pertwee at Panopticon), so it's a bit odd that this particular story was chosen for the Revisitations treatment. Of course, the 1973 tale didn't receive the now traditional "making of" - so that's probably why the team felt the need to go back and revise.

And that making of, titled Happy Birthday To Who, is indeed a story worth telling and put together satisfactorily. William Hartnell's involvement in The Three Doctors, or lack of, is a deeply saddening tale and you'll certainly feel more than admiration for Billy and much respect for those who dealt with such a blow to the production so well. There's no real angle to the documentary, however, and it does have a slightly unfocused feel to it; the ending is most abrupt with no real engagement with the story post~broadcast.

Was Doctor Who Rubbish? is a little oddity (to put it mildly). As you can perhaps guess, this featurette examines that age~old question: was Doctor Who rubbish? (If you don't understand the query then perhaps this isn't the extra for you.) The interviewees aren't exactly an enigmatic bunch, coming off rather earnest and po~faced at times. It's nicely put together but it's completely ineffectual in addressing the topic with any credibility. A good idea that could have been executed far, far better.

Completing the new selection of VAM is Girls, Girls, Girls where we find the ladies of the 1970s: Katy Manning, Caroline John and Louise Jameson discussing their time in Doctor Who (and beyond). The gals are all in good form and, like their 80s counterparts (on the Paradise Towers DVD), make for a wonderfully amusing watch.

Sadly, there's only one commentary (from the original release) and I'm left wondering just how The Three Doctors (a four~parter) warrants two~discs. If you don't have the story already then this is a superb collection but if you do own it then I'm afraid the extras just don't justify a redux.

Thanks to 2|entertain
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Revisitations 3 DVD boxset details

2|entertain have released released details about the third Revisitations boxset, due for release next month. See the individual artwork HERE and details of the 5 disc set and pack~shot art below:

For centuries, the disappearance of the Cybermen from the universe has been a mystery. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Telos – once the Cyber home world – just as an Earth expedition uncovers the entrance to a long-lost control centre filled with baffling technology.
· Morris Barry Introduction
The director’s introduction from the 1993 VHS release.
· Title Sequence
Tests and build-up elements for the Patrick Troughton title sequence.
· Late Night Line-Up
Behind~the~scenes at the BBC Visual Effects department to interview Jack Kine.
· The Final End
The Evil of the Daleks is mostly missing from the BBC archives. A small taste of the climactic battle…
· Abominable Snowmen Audio Trailer
· The Lost Giants
Cast and crew look back on the making of the story.
· The Curse of the Cybermen’s Tomb
Sir Christopher Frayling and Dr Debbie Challis examine the ancient Egyptian origins to the story.
· Cybermen – Extended Edition
A history of the Cybermen.
· The Magic of VidFIRE
A look at the technology behind the VidFIRE process.
· Sky Ray Advert
1960’s Doctor Who themed promo for Walls Sky Ray ice lolly.
· Photo Gallery
· Coming Soon Trailer
· Production Subtitles
· Radio Times Listings

The Time Lords are in crisis. A powerful force is draining their energy into a mysterious Black Hole - and they must recruit the Doctor to save them. But one Doctor isn’t enough for this mission...
• Commentary
• Happy Birthday To Who
A brand-new look at the making of this anniversary story.
• Was Doctor Who Rubbish?
Raising a defence against criticism of the classic series.
• Girls, Girls, Girls
The 1970s Katy Manning, Caroline John (Liz Shaw) and Louise Jameson (Leela) on being a 1970s Doctor Who girl.
• Pebble Mill At One
Archival interview with the second Doctor Patrick Troughton and visual effects wizard Bernard Wilkie.
• Blue Peter
Jon Pertwee introduces the Whomobile.
• BSB Highlights
Cast and crew discuss The Three Doctors
• The Five Faces Of Doctor Who
The full trailer for the 1981 repeat season which included The Three Doctors.
• BBC1 Trailer
• 40th Anniversary Trailer
• Radio Times listings
• Production Subtitles
• Photo Gallery
• Coming Soon Trailer
• Digitally remastered picture and sound

The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor and his new companion Leela, arrives aboard a huge sandminer on a deserted world. The small human crew rely almost entirely on robots to carry out their every task and whim while they mine the planet’s rich minerals.
• Commentary 1 - Original release commentary.
• Commentary 2 - New commentary with actors Tom Baker (the Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela) and Pamela Salem (Toos), and director Michael E Briant.
• The Sandmine Murders
Cast and crew look back at the making of the story.
• Robophobia
Toby Hadoke takes a humorous look at the history of robots.
• Studio Sound
Example of a studio scene before the robot voice effects were added.
• Model Shots Black and white time-coded recording of the original model insert film.
• Studio Floor Plan
Interactive view of the studio layout via the original floor plan drawings.
• Continuity
Off-air continuity for the first episode’s original transmission plus mute continuity slide.
• Radio Times listings
• Programme subtitles
• Production information subtitles
• Photo gallery
• Coming soon trailer
• Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

is released Feb 13, priced £35.75