Dear all,

In case you wondering why there's been no updates, Blogtor was on holiday (those following on Twitter may have worked that out). Well I say "holiday"...

Spent some time in Cardiff filming for The Adventures of Steve Silent and Jimmy Big~Hands and then popped over to London for a press event and then screening (with Q&A) for Torchwood: Miracle Day - which I'm happy to report is fantastic (review to come). As a fan, it was a terrific day: got to meet the incomparable Russell T Davies (who not only spoke to me, but gave me a hug); sat and chatted with the beautiful Julie Gardner and Eve Myles; and shot the breeze being Scottish with the incredibly charming John Barrowman. Oh yeah, and Bill Pullman was hanging around too.

Quite a day.

There will be a report from the Torchwood press event posted on Cult Box in the next few days. I also got a sneak~peak at some documentaries by Chris Chapman from upcoming classic Doctor Who DVDs (they all look amazing). Many thanks to Chris and @classicdw for allowing this.

Normal service will now be resumed.



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