Series 6, Part 2 - launch date

Although speculation isn't what Blogtor Who is about, it would seem that the launch date for Doctor Who Series 6, Part 2 has been narrowed down considerably. Online retailers have stated its release will be Oct 10. This would mean that the latest start would be Sep 3.

Two screenings of the first episode, Let's Kill Hitler, are taking place in the UK on Aug 15 and 26 - suggesting that Aug 27 as the more probable. Blogtor Who will be at both events, with a full report from each.

Later today a new trailer for the series will be released, perhaps with an official date. Episodes in the second half of the series include: Let's Kill Hitler, Night Terrors and The God Complex. Check out some footage from the finale, Episode 13, HERE. Be warned - contains SPOILERS!

The Doctor Who panel at Comic Con 2011 has confirmed Aug 27 as the return date for BBC America.

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