The Three Doctors 2013 - DVD release

PLEASE NOTE: This was inspired by the cover for Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia - it's just a bit of fun... Click on the pic above for a bigger version and check out the details and extras below for The Three Doctors DVD release:
Featuring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Time Lord, The Three Doctors unites the actors who have played The Doctor since 2005 in this special 50th Anniversary feature-length episode.

As a strange force takes hold of the TARDIS, the Doctor finds himself grounded on a very familiar looking planet, with some very familiar looking people.

A friendly stranger warns The Doctors of dangers to come only for the three incarnations of the Time Lord to realise they knew this man all along...

John Simm and Benedict Cumberbatch join the cast as The Master, with Catherine Tate returning as Donna Noble, Alex Kingston as River Song and Bernard Cribbins as Wilf Mott.


• Audio commentary 1
With actors David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Simm, Benedict Cumberbatch and writer Russell T Davies.

• Audio commentary 2
With actor Christopher Eccleston and director Keith Boak. Moderated by Cameron K McEwan

• Doctor Who Confidential
An inside look at The Three Doctors. Narrated by Stephen Fry.

• David Tennant's Video Diaries
Behind the scenes with David Tennant, including interviews with cast and crew.

• Masterstroke

Documentary charting the Russell T Davies era featuring interviews with David Tennant, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson, Christoper Eccleston, Steven Moffat, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Kylie Minogue, Bernard Cribbins and Matt Smith. Narrated by Alex Kingston.

• Out~takes

Bloopers and gaffes from the set of the production.

• Deleted and Extended Scenes
A chance to see scenes that were cut during editing, many of which are presented before post-production effects had been added.

• Trailers
All the BBC television and radio trails for the special, including the specially-filmed cinema trailer (also available in 3D).

• Photo Gallery - production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Isolated Music
– option to watch the episodes with the isolated music score.

• Coming Soon
- a trailer for the forthcoming DVD release, The Time War starring Paul McGann and Julian Bleach.

• Programme subtitles.

• Subtitle Production Notes.