50 Things For The 50th! [Part 3]

The countdown continues, and here's Part 3 of Blogtor's list of things he'd like to see during the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who during 2013. Read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. PLEASE NOTE: They're not all entirely serious...

30. Merlin crossover
I don't watch the show, personally, but I believe it's very popular with other "humans". And the thought of Matt "Mazza" Smith and Colin "Mozza" Morgan together inhabiting the same screen would undoubtedly cause the internet to melt down with all sorts of fan made pictures and videos... Or, if that's no good, Being Human instead.

29. Overseas filming
We've had some great overseas filming over the past few years (from 2008's Fires of Pompeii to last year's series opener) and one can't help but suggest that the Fiftieth is a time for spending a little bit more on exploring our "wonderful" planet. Sure, some more filming in North America would be nice, but what about some filming down under - in Australia? Or why not ask Peter Jackson for some time on his Hobbit set in New Zealand and shoot there? Mind you, I hear Tunisia is nice this time of year...

28. Amy & Rory: The Ponds
I think the video above says it all.

27. Resurrection of the Stage Show
But which one I hear you ask? What better way to frighten the kiddies than to remount touring productions of either The Ultimate Adventure, with various past Doctors in the role (and possibly one~night only for David Banks), or Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday. Hhmm, what a dilemma! Or we could just plump for The Curse of the Daleks (though it doesn't actually feature The Doctor). In theatre, no one can hear you scream... (Or snore.)

26. Inter~Doctor DVD Audio Commentaries
As a fan of audio commentaries - and as someone who likes to partake in the odd one from time to time - I would absolutely lurve to hear, for example, Peter Davison doing a commentary on, say, a Sylvester McCoy story. Or David Tennant performing similar duties on on a Christopher Eccleston episode. Ideally, I want to listen to Tom Baker pontificate on The Five Doctors...

25. River Song Saved from The Library
Slightly contentious this one, perhaps. I mean I lurve River Song (as many do), so is it beyond belief that The Doctor figures out a way to go back to The Library and "save" River Song from the horror that was an eternity with a bunch of idiot workmates in, what looked like, a Spandau Ballet video? Perhaps, it's a flashback with the Tenth Doctor going back to save her. Just to make things even more timey of the wimey...

24. "Redo" Missing Stories

As you may be aware, there are plenty of "missing" Doctor Who adventures out there (thanks Tony Blair!) and, to celebrate the Fiftieth, why not bring breathe life into these lost children? (For starters, it saves money and time on commissioning new writers.) Seeing as Matt Smith seems to have such a boy~crush on Troughton, let him loose on The Power of the Daleks. Or, if the thought of a "classic" story being pilfered in such a way distresses you, just CG the whole thing up.

23. Doctor Who Reference Clip Shows
This is perfect fodder for BBC Three (or indeed BBC America, to be honest, judging by their own related output). I envisage two specials: the first concentrating on references to Doctor Who on other television shows from 1963 up until the phrase "Nu Who" was born; whilst the second takes in all the nods since the 2005 restart (including numerous US offerings like Futurama, Community and The Big Bang Theory). Narrated by Robert "I pretty much just narrate BBC Three shows now" Webb.

22. Every Phone Box Turned Into A TARDIS
Surely this cannot be too much to ask? Let's get every, and I mean EVERY phone box turned into a TARDIS for the year. And I ain't just talking about the Greatness of Britain (as the picture above might suggest), I'm referring to the ENTIRE EFFIN' PLANET! C'mon United Nations, do something useful! Which brings me to number twenty~one...

21. International Doctor Who Day
Dear The World, November 23, 2013 please.
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