Asociación Planeta Gallifrey

The following post comes from Asociación Planeta Gallifrey:
Since some months ago, the people of PGE, working with other fans such as some members from “Comisión de Whovians”, admins of other Who-Blogs and many other people that share our passion for the Series, we’ve been working secretly to carry on a new project in Spain: The creation of a Spanish Association of Doctor Who fans.

With this Association, we want to bring together all the Spanish-speaking Whovians to achieve the level we deserve as fans of the series.

The “Planeta Gallifrey Association” is open to all Whovians from Spain, but also to all Spanish-speaking countries, and will start its work with an Opening Presentation Party that will take place in Madrid, next April, in which we'll explain further details about this project. Meantime, all the people interested in joining the “Planeta Gallifrey Association” can contact us through our mail:

You don’t need anything special to be a member, and there won't be any membership fees, unless otherwise, but we would like you all to participate as actively as you can in and all the things we will organize.
Thanks to Guillermo Moure
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