Karen Gillan to Attend Official Convention

BBC Worldwide confirmed today that Karen Gillan will be joining her co-stars Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill at the Official Doctor Who Convention taking place on the 24th and 25th March at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre. The Amy Pond actress said:
“I'm really looking forward to the Convention and meeting all of the wonderful Doctor Who fans!”
Karen Gillan joins a full contingent of professionals ready to give fans an unrivalled glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Doctor Who. Everyone from the Production Designer Michael Pickwoad, responsible for the show's visuals to Casting Director Andy Pryor revealing what it takes to find a Doctor will be gathering in one place to celebrate the creativity (and elbow grease!) that goes into the series.

The Convention brings the makers of the Doctor Who together for a full day, in-depth event designed to reveal the inner workings of the series. On the main stage live pyrotechnic demonstrations will thrill attendees, while in detailed prosthetics masterclasses fans will see a monster made flesh in front of their eyes. Throughout these sessions the secrets of their craft will be revealed by masters of the trade including Danny Hargreaves, SFX Supervisor and Neill Gorton co-director of Millennium FX, Europe’s leading supplier of cutting edge prosthetics, animatronics and special make-up FX.


Thanks to BBC Worldwide
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