'RogueCyberman' Missing Episode Scam - [UPDATE]

Together with our friends at Doctor Who Online and Kasterborous, Blogtor would like to draw readers' attention to an online scam offering missing Doctor Who episodes in exchange for credit card access to an online porn site.

The site, which is hosted by 'RogueCyberman' an online blogger and Twitter user, claims to have missing episodes such as The Faceless Ones and The Macra Terror, and offers them as 'bonus content' when you sign up to Time Girl Katie's porn site. The blogger, who remains anonymous, claimed the following: 

"All of the missing episodes recently recovered from an anonymous collector in Kent have been successfully digitised and are now available to download as bonus content in Time Girl Katie's free private members area."

This news item has also come about as a result of DWO receiving a number of emails from Doctor Who fans claiming that their children (looking for missing Doctor Who episodes) stumbled across RogueCyberman's blog and were subjected to the adult imagery from Time Girl Katie's site, from which his blog directly links to in promise of the episodes.

DWO, Kasterborous and Blogtor Who would like to assure fans that there is no Doctor Who content at all on the website, and should be warned not to give any credit card details to the site.

Thanks to Doctor Who Online 

UPDATE: The sites mentioned and the Twitter feed have now been deleted.