Audiobook Review: Planet of The Daleks

Planet of The Daleks 
Written by Terrence Dicks

Read by Mark Gatiss

Out Now

Review by Emrys Matthews

The next in the Target novelisation canon to be released by AudioGo is the Third Doctor story, Doctor Who and the Planet of The Daleks.

Following on from the events on the planet of the Ogrons, the Doctor has been injured by the Master and has set the TARDIS in flight. Along with his companion Jo Grant, the Doctor arrives on the Jungle planet Spiridon, and finds Thals, Daleks and a great deal more...

This release is like listening to professionally produced audio of a Doctor Who fan, taking great pride in recanting one of his favourite classic Who stories. It’s brilliant to listen to Mark Gatiss taking great joy in faultlessly recreating an adventure which is no doubt verbatim from memory. Gatiss provides some wonderful and incredibly accurate impressions of Jon Pertwee, and some of the supporting characters. His rendition of the Thal, Codal is particularly accurate. The incidental music used throughout helps to keep the tension heavy and as always Nicholas Briggs voices the Daleks with élan.

If this story is a favourite or you’re fond of Mark Gatiss, this purchase is a no-brainer. As ever these Target novelisation audiobooks are aimed at quite a niche market, but this is certainly one of the best in recent memory.
Thanks to AudioGo

Review by Emrys Matthews

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