Torchwood and Red Dwarf stars in Twisted Showcase Series 3

Twisted Showcase is back for Series 3, which sees the return of Gareth David-Lloyd in an episode titled Payback. Another episode titled Toilet Soup stars Red Dwarf actor and stand-up comedian Norman Lovett. There will be a set of all new episodes even more twisted than what's gone before.

Gareth (pictured left) played the iconic role of Ianto Jones in the first three series of Torchwood and also in the Doctor Who Series 4 finale, The Stolen Earth/Journey's End.

The only British independent series to be named in the Guardian Top 25 must watch web shows, Twisted Showcase is an anthology series, a mixture of self-contained horror, psychological thriller and comedy.

A crowd funding page has been launched to help get series 3 off the ground. Any contribution will help towards the series and you can get exclusive access, signed pictures of Gareth David-Lloyd and even become an executive producer. Each instalment offers something new and different to shock, amaze and entertain you, created by Robin Bell and Rhys Jones who wanted to make something different with a strong focus on story.

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