BBC Points West archive footage

BBC regional channel news show Points West has published two videos featuring archive Doctor Who material, pertaining to filming in the area. The first clip shows behind~the~scenes filming on Planet of the Spiders (NOT The Sea Devils as the article states), Revenge of the Cybermen (including an interview with Tom Baker), The Snowmen and The Pandorica Opens. There's also footage of Jon Pertwee from 1996 talking about the "amateurish" feel of Doctor Who.

Post by BBC Points West.

In this next player you can find a recently-discovered William Hartnell interview from BBC Points West at the Gaumont Theatre in Taunton, 1967, where he chats, somewhat grumpily, about Doctor Who, his career and the Daleks. This clip was released as part of The Tenth Planet DVD set.

Post by BBC Points West.

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