Happy Birthday Doctor Who

Dear Doctor Who,

I have loved you since I can remember.

My earliest memory of you is the City of Death Part One cliffhanger and, since then, I have never missed an episode broadcast live on BBC One (with the sole exception of the Paul McGann TV Movie which I had seen on VHS previously but missed due to playing a gig).

Tom Baker may have scared the trousers out of me but, thankfully, Peter Davison was there to take my fan worship to a new level. Over the years my love has gone up and down at various points, but I always absolutely adored Doctor Who.

During the Nineties it was a tough old job being a fan, but that's when I became obsessive; collecting the videos and buying any magazines with a mention of you. It seems odd now that you used to be so rare, and now everybody loves you. Odd, and most satisfying.

You're still my favorite television show in the universe and still my favourite thing ever. Thank you for everything you have given me over the years, and everything you made me feel. I thank you heartily.

Cameron K McEwan
(Sometimes known as Blogtor Who)

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