Murray Gold: Director didn't like I Am The Doctor

Composer Murray Gold has been talking to Film Music about Doctor Who and has revealed that not everyone was a fan of his fantastic theme, I Am The Doctor. You can listen to the full interview HERE. Discussing the first episode of Series Five, The Eleventh Hour, Gold said:
"I remember the director saying, *sings part of the tune*, 'I don't like that bit, get rid of it.' And I just said no. He says, 'I don't like it, what is it woodwind? I don't like that.' This is what happens a lot of the time in my job."
The director of the episode in question was Adam Smith who, perhaps coincidentally, hasn't worked on Doctor Who again to date. Smith also directed The Time Angels/Flesh & Stone, though this was filmed before The Eleventh Hour. You can listen to the full interview on Film Music HERE where Murray Gold chats extensively about his time on Doctor Who.

Thanks to Angela Garrod for the heads up.

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