The Day of the Doctor - behind the scenes pics

Today's edition of UK publication The Telegraph included a pull-out magazine with a feature on The Day of the Doctor and behind-the-scenes photographs. Included in the pics are: David Tennant, Matt Smith, John Hurt, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat and director Nick Hurran. Visit for more clips, pics and news. Also included here are some quotes from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and from the article. Click on the images here for bigger versions.

From The Day of the Doctor:
"You were The Doctor on the day it wasn't possible to get it right."
The Eleventh Doctor

"What we do today, we do not out of fear or hatred,
but because there is no other way."
The Tenth Doctor

"What's really interesting is that Steven has managed to invent something new about the character, which is wonderful after fifty years." Matt Smith

"He's [John Hurt] from The Doctor's past, and The Doctor did not expect to see him again. We pick up, as it were, months later [After the events of The Name of the Doctor]. So you'll get an update on what Clara's been up to, a little bit about what The Doctor's been up to." Steven Moffat

"Very, very roughly, I suppose, and with apologies to Charles Dickens, it's the A Christmas Carol structure - there's the ghost of the past, the present and the future. There's plenty of inter-Doctor rivalry and, as The Doctor's 50th birthday present, we're establishing a whole new Doctor right there in front of you." Steven Moffat

Visit for more clips, pics and news

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