REVIEW: The Seventh Doctor's Jumper replica

Lovarzi, who released the wonderful replica of the Fourth Doctor's scarf last year, are back with another cracking bit of wearable paraphernalia for the more discerning of Doctor Who fans - the Seventh Doctor's Jumper (though, I would perhaps refer to it as a "tank top" or even "pullover", fact lovers).

Sylvester McCoy fans, and there are a few, will no doubt lap it up but to those less in favour of his time in the TARDIS (like me, for example) his jumper does make for a surprisingly delightful wear. Apart from its colourful facade and "mysterious" question marks, it's actually damn comfy and, being a jumper, keeps you warm. The design itself is pretty fantastic and those not familiar with the late 80s may just think you're wearing a rather fun, almost stylish (almost) top.

This really is a fun Doctor Who item and, regardless if you're a fan of The Seventh Doctor era or not, nothing says "fan" better than this gaudy jumper. To paraphrase Reggie Perrin, this is the perfect gift for the Who fan, with no taste, in your life!

Thanks to Lovarzi