EXCLUSIVE: Peter Harness talks Kill The Moon

On our audio commentary for Kill The Moon, writer Peter Harness very kindly gave us some of his thoughts and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the episode - download HERE or use the player below. You can find just some of the gems the writer gave us below, though you can find even more on the commentary itself.

• We find out in a deleted scene that Henry (Phil Nice’s character, who gets eaten early on) is not in fact a trained astronaut. He used to work for Richard Branson as cabin crew on Virgin Galactic. And at one point in the scripting process he went to his death after singing Pass The Dutchie On The Left Hand Side. [A hit single for Musical Youth in 1982 - Ed.]

• Hermione Norris’s character previously referred to the Doctor as a “dick” instead of a “prat”.

• There’s a deleted scene which is a copy of the one from Blink, where Courtney plugs one of the Blink DVDs into the console, and a hologram of the Doctor appears and activates security protocol 712.

• Clara’s broadcast to the world used to break through a repeat transmission of QI. [A UK comedy panel television show - Ed.] 

You can check out all the audio commentaries for Doctor Who Series 8 and more HERE. My HUGE thanks to Peter for his time and his fascinating and fun comments! Here's a pic of Blogtor with the writer last week.