Peter Davison wants to see Jenny return

Actor Peter Davison, who played the best Doctor Who, has been chatting to ABC News about Doctor Who. Davison championed the return of Jenny from The Doctor's Daughter to the show. Jenny was played by actress, and daughter of Davison, Georgia Moffett* (pictured left with Davison).

"At the end of her story she flew off in to the universe, at the moment, never to be seen again. Let's bring her back!

Let's have a spin-off with Jenny!"

Georgia Moffett produced The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which was written, directed and starred Peter Davison. The Time Lady, of sorts, came up when discussion turned to the notion of a female Doctor Who.

"Personally, and I speak now as a fan who grew up watching it, I have trouble with the idea of a female Doctor. I reckon if you're born on Gallifrey a man, you probably are a male Time Lord."

"I think it's great to have a female Time Lord, but my feeling about it - I know this could be controversial, I'm speaking as a viewer - I personally think The Doctor is male," adding with a smile, "I probably will get flack, and that's fair enough. It's just my opinion."

Watch the full interview HERE.

* She's also married to David Tennant, fact fans.

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