Russell T Davies interview

David Tennant with Russell T Davies in 2009

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has been chatting to Broadcast about his new show for Channel 4, Cucumber. During the interview the subject of Who was raised, check out what he had to say below and read the full interview HERE. On returning to television, but not to science-fiction, Rusty said:
“I’d spent 10 years in outer space. I felt like it was time to come down to Earth and write about the human heart. I missed the contemporary stuff.”
Davies touched upon Doctor Who and working simultaneously on its spin offs such as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and the ancillary shows like Doctor Who Confidential and Totally Doctor Who (not to mention the extensive online content).
“In building the studios at Cardiff, the BBC needed output. As we embarked on Doctor Who a decade ago, the worry was that it was just one show. Under Julie’s [Gardner, former Who producer] aegis, we set out to create a whole department. Over seven or eight years there, I taught myself to take an idea and extrapolate it. When you think of one project, think of two more – make hay while the sun shines.”
Cucumber also has spin-off material, of sorts, in the guise of Banana (which airs straight after on E4, focusing on the younger members of the cast, and Tofu, a series of ten to fifteen minute documentaries speaking to the cast, members of the public and porn stars about a different aspect of sexuality. 

Former Doctor Who director Euros Lyn (The Girl in the Fireplace, The End of Time, et al) directs the final two episodes of Cucumber and Benjamin Cook, co-author of The Writer's Tale with RTD, directs Tofu. Cucumber starts on C4 on Jan 22 at 9pm.


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