Who's Changing - 1st Year Anniversary SPECIAL OFFER!

A year ago today, our documentary film Who's Changing - An Adventure in Time with Fans was released on DVD and online. To celebrate, for one week only, we're slashing the price of both the DVD and the online rental. Details below.

You can purchase the DVD of Who's Changing - An Adventure in Time with Fans directly from us for only £8 - and this is a WORLDWIDE price (normally £12.99). This INCLUDES shipping. You can also rent the film online for only £1.99 - check out the player above. The DVD is REGION FREE. (This offer ends Feb 2, 2015.)


Who's Changing looks at the changing face of Doctor Who fandom and features insight and interviews from LOUISE JAMESON (Leela), DAN STARKEY (Strax), NEVE MCINTOSH (Vastra), SOPHIE ALDRED (Ace), SIMON FISHER-BECKER (Dorium Maldovar), CATRIN STEWART (Jenny Flint), CAITLIN BLACKWOOD (Amelia Pond), ERIC SAWARD (former Who script editor), JAMES MORAN (The Fires of Pompeii writer), ANDREW SMITH (Full Circle writer), GARY RUSSELL (former Who script editor), JANE ESPENSON (Torchwood, Buffy, Once Upon A Time writer), and many, many more!

The DVD includes the feature-length documentary and also over 80 minutes of extras, full interviews with LOUISE JAMESON (Leela), DAN STARKEY (Strax), NEVE MCINTOSH (Vastra), SOPHIE ALDRED (Ace) and SIMON FISHER-BECKER (Dorium Maldovar). Over 2.5 hours of Doctor Who fun to be had on one disc!


Who's Changing - An Adventure In Time With Fans has already been screened at various film festivals including: The Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, Sci-Fi London 2014, the North American Science Fiction Convention, DetCon 1 and the Los Angeles Fear + Fantasy Film Festival 2014. Here's what the critics have been saying (click on the quotes for the full reviews):

"sunny hearted celebration of all things fan.
...invaluable instagram shot of where fan culture is at this exact moment.
... a finely detailed and refreshingly uncynical lust letter to the series it now is."
Doctor Who Magazine (#473)

"This is a must own... better than any of the documentaries we got treated to during the 50th anniversary." 
The Cult Den, 10/10

"Who’s Changing ultimately celebrates one thing about Doctor Who that never, ever changes – the fact that its most devoted fans adore it almost unconditionally."
Starburst, 8/10

"Easily of the quality of documentaries broadcast on the BBC... Highly recommended and we can’t wait for the sequel!  A Dewey-eyed and utterly heartwarming."
Planet Mondas, 10/10

"WHO’S CHANGING is a very well considered and adroitly navigated journey through WHOvianness... It’s a great way to get back in touch with one’s WHOvian roots."
Ain't It Cool News

"With its broad cast of colourful fan interviewees, in addition to an impressive roster of people involved with the show, Who’s Changing paints an affectionate portrait that is refreshingly far removed from the regular anorak stereotypes." 
Cult Box, 4 STARS

"really is a lot of fun and is deserving of a place on any and every Whovian’s shelves."

"This is as good as anything they use as extras on the official releases!
I'd recommend you see Who's Changing without hesitation."
Cygnus Alpha, Issue 14

 "... if you are a fan of the new or classic series of Doctor Who you must buy this documentary DVD as it is the best Doctor Who documentary we have had in a long time and that includes the ones by BBC America." 

The Gallifreyan Gazette, A+

"entertaining, sassy, diverting"
Eye Of Horus, 7/10

"Every fan will love Who’s Changing"

"It's like spending 80 minutes in the company of your friends talking about your favourite TV show. Highly recommended."
The Geeks Handbag

"It is a great film and I plead with all Doctor Who fans to watch it because it is so darn good!"
Project Indigo

"Who’s Changing is a fine DVD that shows why, after 50 years, we’re still fascinated with a alien who travels through time in a big blue box."

"really fun to watch and an excellent addition to any Who fan's collection. I would highly recommend it for everybody."

"What makes it stand out from the rest though is that it talks to real fans as well as the stars and also gathers a real insight into the mind of Doctor Who fans. All in all it is a great little package"
Burton Mail

"This documentary serves as an excellent introduction to the world of Doctor Who’s fandom and will certainly leave you wanting to know and see more."
The Spoilist 

"had me rolling on the floor in tears at some of the stories they told."
Project: Torchwood

"The film looks and sounds thoroughly professional yet has a fan-made aesthetic at the same time, somehow. "
MJ Simpson, B+

"Very interesting and very worth watching if you’re a fan of the show." 
myReviewer.com, 7/10 

"... well worth a watch. Doctor Who fans: embrace your even geekier side!"
Roobla.com, 3/5

(averages 4.6/5)


This special offer is open WORLDWIDE and ends on Feb 2, 2015

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