Doctor Who bundle on BitTorrent

BBC Worldwide has announced a new collaboration with content distribution service BitTorrent to mark a decade of new Doctor Who. Check it out HERE. To celebrate ten years since the series returned, BitTorrent will be offering a ten story box set featuring specially selected highlights from the modern era of Doctor Who for $12 globally. 

 The package will also include exclusive video content from incumbent Doctor Peter Capaldi who gives his insight into some of his favourite episodes as well as Doctor Who: Earth Conquest – the documentary about the 2014 global tour which saw Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman travel the world to meet their fans.

The ten story box set will be available globally to stream or download on BitTorrent Bundle HERE complete with Peter Capaldi’s breakdown of some of his favourite Doctor Who moments. The $12 Download / Stream Package includes:
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
The Girl in the Fireplace
The End of Time
(Parts 1 & 2)
The Vampires of Venice
The Doctor’s Wife
The Rings of Akhaten
The Day of the Doctor
You can download the Doctor Who BitTorrent bundle HERE.