Capaldi: Doctor "loves" Missy

The Doctor & K9 from LEGO Dimensions (via IGN)

Whilst promoting the new LEGO Dimensions game, Peter Capaldi has been chatting to IGN - you can watch the full interview HERE. During it the actor discusses the game but also touches on The Doctor's relationship with Missy. When asked if The Doctor loves her, he replied, "I think so, probably." Expanding on this dynamic, he teased what to expect from the pair in Doctor Who Series 9:
"The thing is with the whole Missy arc is there are mysteries there yet to be told. There are mysteries about how the Doctor and Missy know each other and what their relationship really is, and what they have been through together to get the to this place.

It's a very complex relationship, they are like mirror images of each other. But they're probably closer to each other than the are distant. They are more like each other than unlike each other."
In another interview, with Digital Spy, Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez (Missy) and Jenna Coleman (Clara) also discuss Doctor Who Series 9, specifically "Vikings on a spaceship" - watch HERE.