BBC launches Doctor Who Game Maker

The BBC today launched The Doctor Who Game Maker, allowing fans to create and share their own adventures in time and space. It gives users the chance to manipulate the Doctor Who universe like never before, creating their own action-packed games featuring the Doctor, Clara, and a huge range of other heroes, monsters and worlds from the series. Within minutes users can create a fun game from scratch, or use one of a selection of templates to help them get started. Templates include classic game formats with a Doctor Who twist, including platform games, puzzles and racers. There is a huge range of assets on offer to help fans create their own unique games - including stunningly designed environments, monsters new and old, friends, foes, and spaceships from across the galaxy.

Commander Strax is also on hand to offer advice, with a range of helpful guides that show users how to get started, change a game’s physics to make things fly, animate objects and even add special effects. There will soon be an Arcade area letting people play games made by users from around the world.

The Doctor Who Game Maker follows on from the success of The Doctor and the Dalek coding game, putting a wide range of the game’s digital assets - and plenty of new ones - into the hands of the fans. All the characters, crafts and objects featured in The Doctor and the Dalek are available in the Game Maker, alongside new additions including Clara, Missy, Weeping Angels and more, plus some new creatures from the latest series.

It requires no technical knowledge, no download and works on desktop and tablets, allowing fans to get creative whenever they feel inspired, building something simple in minutes and moving onto more complex ideas as their skills develop. Fans will also be able use the arcade feature on their mobiles so they can play games on the go.