Doctor Who Adventures Issue No. 9

The latest issue of the the magazine Doctor Who Adventures hits newsagents tomorrow in the UK, check out all the details below and click on the images for bigger versions.

AWESOME POSTER This issue comes with a free hand painted mega poster of Skaro from Robot City’s Paul Collicutt.

THE MINISTRY OF TIME Scream Street’s Tommy Donbavand scripts this issue’s comic strip, in which the TARDIS gets clamped for contravening several time and space laws as laid out by the Ministry of Time.

FESTIVE MAYHEM Get ready for a look back at some of the Christmas dangers the Doctor has faced over the last ten years, before finding out if you’ve got what it takes to Save Christmas!

RIVER SONG’S CRAFT STUDIO River shows you how to decorate your Christmas tree with some fiendish Snowmen Baubles.

FREE Dalek poster!

UNIT ALIEN ARCHIVES Delve into the UNIT Alien Archive and find out all about the duplicitous Leandro from Delta Leonis.

STRAX’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY This month, Strax takes you to Trenzalore, Zygor, Ember and Tiaanammat for some Christmas space exploration.

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS And Christmas isn’t Christmas without a cool board game to play, and this time you can be River or the Doctor as you race through the night to Christmas morning facing all manner of dangers including the Sycorax, the Racnoss, Dream Crabs and Robot Angels.

THE PATERNOSTER GANG INVESTIGATES Then get ready for a real Victorian mystery as James Peaty relates the tale of how the Paternoster Gang came up against the horrifying Dissolving Man!

Issue 9 comes with a Free Dalek Blaster and mega poster!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 9 is on sale Dec 3, price £3.99