Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures - Sky mag preview

The latest edition of Sky Magazine (for subscribers of the satellite channel), October 2010, has a two page spread on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Featured are Matt Smith and Katy Manning who star in Death of The Doctor. Click on the pics for bigger versions.


Serosis said...

I know you bring about DW news and I really appreciate it but seriously, watermark?

Just a question, not a complaint.
Keep up the news.

Cameron McEwan said...

To put this politely, a number of other sites were continually copying posts and images from here without giving credit (claiming it as their own).

This is one way to stop this from happening.

I would rather not put watermarks on images but until other sites learn to stop copying without credit then I'm afraid this is how it will have to be.

Chris JC said...

I'm fine with the watermark - you've been integrating them very nicely.

However - IS that the Graske, or is it the Groske?

Serosis said...

Oh ok, that's spot on with what I thought was happening.

And that blue head is the Groske.
The Graske is in the bottom right picture next to the Kudlak.