Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matt Smith talks "The Doctor's Wife" and more...

Matt Smith has been talking to Entertainment and has been revealing some bits of info about the upcoming series. Here's what he had to say about The Doctor's Wife:
One of the episodes in the new season was written by comics legend Neil Gaiman. What can you tell us about that?
Well, um, not a great deal, as always. Sorry to be a pain! But we were thrilled to get a writer of his sci-fi stature and magnitude on board. And he’s applied his rather brilliant and mad brain to a brilliant and mad idea. All I can say is that the Doctor spends a lot of time with the Tardis.

Michael Sheen is in that episode. What was it like acting with him?
I didn’t, actually. Because he came in and did a voice for it. So I didn’t get any actual scenes with him. Which is a shame. But, god, it’s a real coup to get an actor of his quality.
You can also read a fascinating interview with Neil Gaiman on the same episode HERE. Now, normally I wouldn't speculate but the line: "All I can say is that the Doctor spends a lot of time with the Tardis," does make me wonder if Idris (Suranne Jones), the "old acquaintance with a new face", is in fact his TARDIS... Speculation over.


Andy said...

I wonder if it had been any other writer doing this whether the fans would be up in arms about the TARDIS having a human face. Hmmm Assuming she is the TARDIS ofcourse.

psychotron52 said...

Just wait for the inevitable "I wonder if she's bigger on the inside" gags to come flooding in ;-

Charlie said...

I'm surprised Idris isn't called Astrid, as then it would be a direct anagram.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Astrid is River Soong before she regenerated and used a chameleon arch to change her identity from that of the Rani... hmm.. I think a step is missing there..