Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Rebel Flesh - promo pics

The BBC have issued new promotional images from the next episode, The Rebel Flesh - click on them for bigger, gangier versions. Read 10 spoiler~free snippets of dialogue over at Cult Box HERE and come back Tuesday 00.01 for more promo pics.

Thanks to BBC Pictures

The Rebel Flesh - Trailers & Clips
The Rebel Flesh - episode synopsis
The Almost People - episode synopsis [SPOILERS]
The Doctor's Wife - more promo pics


Caroline said...

Moffat really wants to permanently scare the beejeebus out of kids, doesn't he? I have a nephew still freaked out by the Silence.

Mister said...

They look dead don't they? Instead of looking silly, I think the polished skin look adds to their creepy appearance.

rubycosmos said...

Ohai Marshall Lancaster. :D