Friday, September 30, 2011

The Wedding Of River Song round~up

The Wedding Of River Song airs tomorrow night in the UK and North America (and also by other secret squirrel means, I imagine) and included are are some links to pictures, news and videos from the Doctor Who Series 6 finale.

As usual there will be another edition of The Blogtor Who Commentaries, we hope to get the audio commentary for The Wedding Of River Song released around 10pm (UK time).

Two clips
Four new images
NBC Today set visit [SPOILERS]
Doctor Who Confidential - preview videos
Next Time trailer
The Prequel
BBC Radio ad
New images
Promotional pictures
Mark Gatiss stars
Episode synopsis
Episode 13 title & details revealed

Cast list [SPOILERS]
Radio Times
SFX preview
Arthur Darvill introduction
Marcus Wilson introduction
Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldavar) interview
Arthur Darvill interview
Tribute to Nicholas Courtney to be featured


Jonathan said...

Being as it's the finale, do you get an advance copy for your usual review and commentary?

Cameron McEwan said...

Sadly not.

There will be a commentary released during the evening.

Anonymous said...

Aww, secret squirrel! Nothing else, just charmed by your phrasing.

Cameron McEwan said...

Happy to please anon!