Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 13

Today is the thirteenth day of the Blogtor Who Advent Calendar where each day, up until Christmas (it's the 25th, in case you're not religious and aren't aware), I'll be leaving a little treat for you (though you won't have to open a door to get it). Day 12 can be found HERE.

Included in the player above is Part 2 of The Christmas Review where the audio commentary team of Blogtor and Alexander J McKinnon take a look at The Brilliant Book 2012. Part 1, where we review Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series Limited Edition DVD boxset, can be watched HERE.

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Jonathan said...

I like the version of the theme song that accompanies your video reviews. Bill Bailey inspired?

Cameron McEwan said...

No, actually. Just wanted to do a jazz version.

Did Bill Bailey do one already?

Jonathan said...

He did one a while back: http://youtu.be/X4ruurkdNg0

Cameron McEwan said...

Damn. I thought I'd done something original. (Well, as original as you can be doing someone else's melody from 1963.)

Oh well, only 13 years after he did it.


Jonathan said...

Sorry. Wasn't trying to make you feel bad about it. :(

Cameron McEwan said...

No need to apologise Jonathan.

Should have guessed that a jazz version was out there (didn't search for one, it has to be said).

Jonathan said...

Maybe Bill might give a performance of it as part of his role in the Christmas ep!