10 Characters Who Should Return To Doctor Who

Yes, another list! With some seven or eight months 'til the return of Doctor Who you better get used to this sort of thing... (not really). Below you'll find ten characters that Blogtor thinks would make excellent returnees to the show. Feel free to comment below...

One of the biggest disappointments, for me, in Doctor Who since RTD has left has been the absence of news reader, Trinity Wells. She's one of the few characters to appear in the triumvirate of Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Who; leaving Matt Smith's Whoniverse devoid of some proper authoritative anchor action. This needs to be addressed! *

Third time's a charm? The Doctor's onetime flatmate James Corden made for a delightful chum for the Time Lord and the chemistry between Smith and the Gavin & Stacey star is palpable. The Lodger and Closing Time, both written by the wonderful Gareth Roberts, showed that boys could be boys even with an alien threat taking place right beneath or, rather, above them. A Trilogy of Craig Owens isn't too much to ask, is it???

Curiously, according to Russell T Davies, it was at the suggestion of Steven Moffat, that the newly created offspring of The Doctor should be kept alive and not killed off (though SteeMo has since stated he can't remember this). Jenny, incredibly, first appeared almost four years ago and, even more incredibly, ain't bumped into her dad yet. Probably too busy smooching David Tennant...

Surely Harkness has to make a return at some point?? I mean, his debut was in a SteeMo story after all! (You know, the one where everyone lived? No, no that one. The one with the creepy kid. No, not that one either. You know, the one with the catchphrase. No, the other one where people came back to life. *sigh* No, not that one either. The one where a child with a mask tries to kill people. No, that was a helmet.... *and so on*) Barrowman has said that he would love to come back and Moffat hasn't ruled it out - most likely for the 50th Anniversary, one imagines.

The modern day equivalent of the Valeyard proved to be a hit with the kids as Toby Jones oozed intense calmness and creepiness in abundance as the other Doctor. The ending of Amy's Choice certainly suggested that the Time Lord's self loathing and nastiness had not left him but how should The Dream~a~tron manifest himself again? Perhaps in a delicious smack~down with The Master? That I would lurve to see...

Phwoar! Gimme a lesbo lizard and her beautiful companion any day and I'm as happy as a sand boy! SteeMo has already stated the a spin~off featuring the couple would be great (though he doesn't have time to write currently). To be honest, the gals should have appeared in the recent Companions Top 10 but I forgot to place them. Let that mistake be rectified and let's see Vastra and Jenny battle off a Victorian menace, perhaps with aid of Jago and Litefoot...?

Furthering the "gay" "agenda"* is the Series Six opener star Mark Sheppard. Along with The Silence, Canton stole the show as the gruff 6ixties agent with a sharp line in shades and an eye for the handsome man. It's always nice to have a non~British accent in Doctor Who (oh, the irony) and Shepherd added a great deal of style, regardless of his penchant for firearms. Would also make an excellent TARDIS companion.

Without wanting to sound like some lustful old man - corr, I don't half fancy the TARDIS. Doctor's wife or not, Suranne Jones' insane Mary Poppins~esque Idris was my personal highlight of Series 6ix. Not only that, her relationship with Matt was exquisite and quite unlike anything previously seen. Ideally, she would be a companion (I forgot about her too) but I'd be more than happy to see her pop by every now and then. I suggest all the Doctor's partying with/in her for the 50th...

I do so miss Donna. And Wilf. Cathy T and Berny C lit up Doctor Who like never before or since. There was a very special moment in the history of the show when these two legends graced the series. Turn Left is still one of my favourite stories in the Whoeuvre and neatly demonstrates the supreme skills of the performers more known for their comedic roles, yet able to prise open a pandorica of emotion. Though some may want to leave their time untouched, I'm greedy - I want more of the twosome. However, The End of Time did rather signal their end so I won't hold my breath...

Speaking of memories, John Simm and his insaniacal (I'm sure that's a word) renegade Time Lord (is there any other kind?) brought Series Three to a tumultuous close. The Simm~a~nator, as no one calls him, didn't fail to entertain and scare (and make teary) on his return for Davey T's final hurrah. Though he's been slightly cagey on a re~appearance, saying he was Tennant's Master, Simm isn't putting the notion out of question. Of course, Moffat got tongues wagging recently when the two made contact on Twitter. Can Blogtor humbly suggest one final story, possibly regenerating into Benedict Cumberbatch?

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