The Blogtor Who Commentaries

Included below are all the audio commentaries from the Blogtor Who "team" for the various Doctor Who series. You can download or play along to the episode (though not essential). The commentaries are recorded by Blogtor Who founder Cameron K McEwan and everyday human "beings" Alex Romeo (Series 8) and Alexander J McKinnon (Series 1, 2, 6 & 7) and are not to be taken too seriously.... You can also get them on iTunes HERE.

Deep Breath | Asylum of the Daleks
Into The Dalek | Dinosaurs On A Spaceship
Robot of Sherwoood | A Town Called Mercy
Listen | The Power of Three
Time Heist
| The Angels Take Manhattan
The Caretaker
Kill The Moon

Mummy On The Orient Express  | The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe
Flatline  | A Christmas Carol
In The Forest Of The Night  | The Christmas Invasion

Planet of the Dead

Time Crash

The Impossible Astronaut | New Earth
Day of the Moon | Tooth & Claw
The Curse of the Black Spot              | School Reunion
The Doctor's Wife | The Girl in the Fireplace
The Rebel Flesh | Rise of the Cybermen
The Almost People | The Age of Steel
A Good Man Goes To War | The Idiot's Lantern
Let's Kill Hitler | The Impossible Planet
Night Terrors | The Satan Pit
The Girl Who Waited | Love & Monsters
The God Complex | Fear Her
Closing Time
| Army of Ghosts
The Wedding of River Song
| Doomsday

Rose | Miracle Day Episode 1
The End of the World | Miracle Day Episode 2
The Unquiet Dead | Miracle Day Episode 3
Aliens of London | Miracle Day Episode 4
World War Three | Miracle Day Episode 5
Dalek | Miracle Day Episode 6
The Long Game | Miracle Day Episode 7
Father's Day | Miracle Day Episode 8
The Empty Child | Miracle Day Episode 9
The Doctor Dances | Miracle Day Episode 10
Boom Town

Bad Wolf
The Parting of the Ways | Sherlock, A Scandal In Belgravia

Sherlock, The Hounds of Baskerville

Inspector Spacetime

Matt Smith interview
2012 Official Convention Press Conference
Series 7 Readers' Review
Bank Holiday Special/Series 7 Preview
Let's Kill Hitler Preview
Series 6, Part 2 Trailer Review
Christmas Specials Readers' Review
2011 Christmas Special Preview
2011 Christmas Party/Review of the Year
Torchwood: Miracle Day Preview
The BondCast - A Celebration of 007

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