Colony In Space DVD artwork & details

October sees another story from the Jon Pertwee era released by 2|entertain. Colony In Space hits the streets in the UK on October 3 with an RRP of £20.42. Check out the extras below and click on the cover for a bigger version:
• Commentary
With actors Katy Manning, Bernard Kay and Morris Perry, director Michael Briant, script editor Terrance Dicks and assistant floor manager Graeme Harper. Moderated by Toby Hadoke.

• IMC Needs You!
Cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With Katy Manning, Bernard Kay, Michael Briant, Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks and Graeme Harper.

•From the Cutting Room Floor
An annotated selection of unused trims from the story’s location and model filming.

• Photo Gallery
Production, design and publicity photos from the story.

• Coming Soon
A trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.

Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format.
• Programme subtitles.
• Subtitle Production Notes.

Thanks to 2|entertain
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