10 Villains/Aliens/Baddies Who Should Return To Doctor Who

That's right, another list! (A few more to come, list fans.) This time, I've compiled a list of "Villains"/Aliens/"Baddies" (for want of better expressions) who I'd like to see back in Doctor Who. You'll notice I've included "baddies" from the entirety of the Whoeuvre (just to keep the weirdos happy*). And sincere apologies to the Mandrels, who just missed out...
Though not the most original idea for a Doctor Who alien, the appearance of the intergalactic weed was handled superbly in The Seeds of Doom. Starting off as a simple, creepy pod (remember, no touch!) and then infecting its host in the most horrific of fashions, the Krynoid was an unstoppable behemoth that threatened our lurvely planet. And this was all because of an even greater monster, cue derisive snort, man's greed!!!!

Although some people call them "Bum Face", tsk tsk, the Christmas invaders from 2005 had a primitive and brutal design with a wonderfully optimistic view on world domination. I'm sure the Sycorax should at least have another go at trying to enslave humanity, or perhaps a revenge story like the brilliant Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, The Widow's Curse. But someone tell their "leader" to hide the big effin' red button next time.

Well, I think that's where they're called. This unseen alien turned our Mars "heroes" into the most frightful beasts, forcing them to do their bidding (not unlike the Krynoid). The water creatures were a threat so malevolent that poor old Bowie Base One bit the big one before it even had time to even welcome The Ice Warriors. Of course, the episode itself revealed an even greater monster/threat to the universe - The Doctor himself! *cue gasp*

Now that's a design! Looking like they'd just stepped off the set of the Culture Club Karma Chameleon video, these guys from 1982's The Visitation were bad boys and had the scars to prove it. Their species fascinated the dreamy Fifth Doctor who couldn't equate their love of beauty and war. Although their execution wasn't the best, the design of the Terileptils was superb and I can imagine an updated version working magnificently - especially if they take part in another history~defining moment. (Factoid fans may remember they also got name~checked in The Pandorica Opens.)

I can't be the only person who thought the Horny one was gonna blast through the void ball at the denouement of 2006's Army of Ghosts?? The big guy didn't have much to say, stuck in his titular pit, but when he did possess people - ooooo, shivers baby! His (her? its??) brief appearance was about as scintillating as you get and, for sheer evil, this guy (gal? thing??) will not be beaten! The Impossible Planet's oldest resident had a thoughtful back~story and some fine, fine CG work.

Kinda is one of my all~time favourites and, with the recent excellent new version on DVD, is one of the few perfect Doctor Who stories (for me that is - I understand the tale has its detractors). And its enemy is a mind~effing nasty. Just witness poor Tegan's battle with early Eighties pop video~style antics with that weirdo from The Bill. A journey that was about as trippy as Doctor Who got in them olden times. Of course, the greater monster in that story was, blah, blah, blah... (I'm seeing a theme here). The Mara was so strong that it popped up in a sequel, Snakedance (where the greater monster, etc...), and even got a name~check by Captain Jack in Torchwood.

And you think the families in Channel Four's Shameless are a bad bunch. The Bloods, as no one calls them, are the original neighbours from hell (or Aubris). So naughty, in fact, that The Doctor made himself human - which, when you think about it, is an utterly chilling thought - just to get out of their way. Of course, he was just being nice as these blighters only survive a few months or so (though his punishment was a bit harsh, almost unpleasantly so for him). They got split up in the end but one wonders if some enemy of The Doctor could reunite them for a last hurrah as revenge.

What do you mean there's nothing in the picture above? #silencejoke Though they returned for the Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song, I can't help feel the big~handed ones were slightly underused (perhaps intentionally). The Silence are an enigmatic bunch, with that not even being their species name (apparently), and one would hope a better retaliation is in store for Doctor Who after he so casually announced genocide on them. I mean, what actual harm did the huge~headed ones do to humanity? If anything, they helped. Didn't they....?

Like a certain Davey T, I absolutely adore these bubbly human~inhabiting little fruitcakes. Sure, their Skarasen may be a sock with a button for an eye and you might just be able to see a microphone at the front of their costume but the Zygons are a beautiful creation that, in all honesty, would still look amazing on screen today. Their only telly story, Terror of the Zygons, is a genuine masterpiece, thus making them even more lurveable.

Who doesn't like a bit of Dave Ross action? I mean, he invented the flippin' Daleks! Actually, and some of the more regular blog~a~trons out there will already know this, I am not a fan of the Daleks. Never have been. But Davros adds so much more to their singular view of the universe and their bumps and plungers. Michael Wisher's original performance of the scientist was mesmeric and repulsive in equal measure (a bit like my first wife); a role that he truly made his own. Until 2008 came along with Julian Bleach delivering his nihilsitic take on the universe like it was Shakespeare in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Sadly we didn't get to see a pre~Dalek Davros in that story, as was planned, so maybe this can be rectified for his return? (And preferably without the pepper~pots please.)
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